7 Cheap date ideas for people on a budget

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Cheap Date Ideas Cheap date ideas are great for people who are on a budget but who also want to have fun with their partner. You can go out to a beautiful spot and have a picnic day or stay home for some sexy games, depending on what you’re in the mood to do. Some creativity or open-mindedness will be needed but that just adds excitement to your date and these will be the kind of dates you’ll remember. There are lots of cheap date ideas you can do so try a different one every week and grow closer to your partner while saving money.

1) Have a picnic day

A picnic day is one of those cheap date ideas that are perfect when the weather is nice because it’s fun and romantic. You can go to your local park or look online to see if there are any botanical gardens or nature areas nearby. Pack a lunch and items like a blanket to sit on, a citronella candle to keep mosquitoes away and an umbrella for shade to make your picnic day more comfortable. You can make it more exciting by picking a park that’s an hour or two away so you can have a nice scenic drive there, have your picnic in a place you’ve never been before then spend some time looking around town. It’ll feel like an adventure but it won’t cost too much if you keep in mind that it’s about spending the day with someone you love and not about buying stuff.

2) Have a movie marathon

Movie at Home
You can have a movie marathon with treats at home if you’re looking for cheap date ideas and don’t want to pay inflated cinema prices. Each of you can go through your dvd collection and pick out your favorite movie or find something online to watch then pick one movie that both of you enjoy. This way both of you can watch something you like and share with your partner a movie you love but that they might not have seen before. You can also pick up some affordable treats at a discount store or pick up a box of microwave popcorn so you have something to eat while having your movie marathon. Other cheap date ideas to add to your night could be cooking dinner at home and eating in candle light or keep the relaxed mood going by giving each other back rubs then taking things to the bedroom.

3) Dinner and love under the stars

If you’re having a picnic day you can have it be for dinner and you can eat as you watch the sunset. When you’re done you can snuggle up to keep warm and give each other little kisses and touches to get in the mood then make love under the stars. You could also go to a local restaurant for dinner then take a drive somewhere quiet. When you get there you can spread out a blanket, lie down and look at the stars then proceed to lovemaking. You just need to remember to pick a secluded spot so you’ll have privacy and choose a time late in the evening so there’s less chance of getting caught by someone.

4) Free local attractions

Local Attractions
Nearly every town and city have free attractions so go online and visit your hometown’s tourist page for cheap date ideas. There are usually free or cheap admission days for museums and art galleries, food and comedy festivals, music events and heritage days. Other attractions like go kart tracks and amusement parks sometimes have multi-passes where you can visit multiple attractions for one low price. By taking the time to find local deals you can come up with a list of cheap date ideas that will give you months of entertainment.

5) Role-play a blind date

A bit of imagination can help you find cheap date ideas that will bring a spark back into your relationship. You can role-play going on a blind date and make it be sweet or kinky. If you want a sweet blind date you can tell your partner when and where to be then meet them there. Pretend they’re a stranger and flirt with them then have some drinks while telling each other things you’ve never said before. At the end of the night take them home and make love to them. If you want a kinky blind date then each of you write down what you’ve always wanted to do in bed, give it to each other and pretend to meet as strangers in a bar. Go to a cheap motel or back home, don’t talk to each other to let the anticipation build and spend the night living out each other’s fantasies and desires.

6) Dessert and a massage

Full Body Massage
Cheap date ideas can be done at home if you prepare ahead of time and dessert with a massage is one of these ideas. Go to the grocery store and pick up some tasty desserts like strawberries, chocolate sauce and honey. When your sweetheart comes home from work have dinner like you normally would then surprise them by taking them to the bedroom where you’ll dim the lights, light some candles and put on some soft music. Have them get comfortable then feed them chocolate covered strawberries or lick honey off their naked bodies. When you’re done you can start giving them a full body massage to help them relax even more and see where things go from there.

7) Kinky Truth or Dare

You can have a fun night with your partner and not spend a cent if you choose the right cheap date ideas to use. For Kinky Truth or Dare all you need is each other and a wild imagination. Get comfortable sitting fully clothed on your bed and start playing Truth or Dare with easy tasks first, like asking what their favorite date with you was or daring them to kiss you. Have the tasks get gradually kinkier by asking what their favorite sex position is or asking about the naughtiest fantasy they’ve had but never told you before. For dares you can use items you already have, like using a wooden kitchen spoon for spanking or a silk tie for a blindfold to act out fantasies revealed during dares. This could be one of your favorite cheap date ideas that you’ll use often if you remember not to judge, be supportive and have fun.

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