9 Creative ways to ask your partner for something new in bed

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Trying something new in bed
Wanting to try something new in bed is a desire that many people have, especially if they’re in a long-term relationship and things have started to slow down in the bedroom. You can spice things up with dirty sex or bondage but first you need to find some creative ways to tell your partner what you want.

1) Watch a movie that has a dirty sex scene

Watching a movie with your partner that has a dirty sex scene in it can be an easy way to talk about trying something new in bed because you can see what their reaction is to the scene. Discreetly watch them and if they seem interested in it you can snuggle up to them and whisper that you’d like to do that with them. While doing this you can also gently stroke their arm or lightly kiss them on the neck to turn them on. They’ll see this is a sexy moment between the two of you and will want to keep things going by taking it to the bedroom.

2) Do to her what you want her to try on you

If you want to try something new in bed but don’t want to have an awkward conversation talking about what you want, you can do to her what you want her to try on you. This is a good approach because you’re letting her experience the pleasure of it first so it doesn’t seem like you’re only thinking about yourself. If she seems surprised you can take things slow and afterwards ask her if she liked it because you can then tell her that you’ve been wanting to try it for a while now and maybe next time she could do it to you.

3) Watch porn together

Watching Porn Together
Some people need to see how good something is before they want to try it so when there’s something new in bed you want to try you could show it during a sexy moment between the two of you. Find a porn clip showing what you’re interested in and make sure it’s well shot and intimate because poor quality or sex that’s too rough won’t grab your partner’s attention. Watch the dirty sex clip together then start having sex so they can see how much it turns you on but it also gives them time to think about it by waiting for another day to try it.

4) Send her a link to something that interests you

Sending her a link to a video showing something new in bed you can try and writing a message like you couldn’t stop thinking about her while watching it and that you’d love to do that with her could be a way to let her know what you want. If the video involves rough sex like bondage then she might be shocked or embarrassed and won’t want you to see her react that way. By sending her a link you’re giving her the privacy she may need while watching it and give her time to fantasize about it.

5) Pretend your fantasy was a sex dream

When you want to try something new in bed but don’t want to come right out and tell your partner what you want you could pretend it was a sex dream you had. Wake up just before they do and cuddle up to them so they wake up in your arms. When they start to stir gently kiss and touch them as you murmur about the best dream you ever had. As they start to get turned on make love to them and afterwards wait for them to ask you about the dirty sex dream you had that made you wake them up like that.

6) Accidentally leave a naughty website open

Bondage Sex
Trying something new in bed but not knowing how to tell your partner can be difficult to do face to face so you could try leaving a big hint for them to find. You can pretend to accidentally leave a porn site open and wait for them to find it on the computer because when they do they’ll probably want to talk to you about it. You don’t want them to be upset and instead be curious about what they found so make sure it’s not overly graphic. If it’s a bondage type of video then find one where the woman is wearing sexy lingerie and tied up in a candlelit room with her lover because that will appeal more to women then a video where a woman on her knees, handcuffed, covered in sweat and getting spanked.

7) Gift her a night of dirty sex

Dirty Sex
Plan a date night to get them in a romantic mood and when you get back home tell them that tonight you’ll do whatever she wants in the bedroom. Tell you that you love her and that you want to show her how much by making her naughtiest fantasy come true. Be sincere and keep an open mind because once she knows you won’t judge her she’ll be more than willing to try something new in bed.

8) Show them how much it turns you on

Your partner will be more interested in trying something new in bed if they know how much it turns you on and how much it makes you see them as sexy and beautiful. When they do something new in bed be enthusiastic about it by moaning and begging them not to stop and afterwards tell them that you’ve never seen them be so sexy before. If you know what you want them to do you could ease into it during sex by gently putting their hands where you want them or asking them to do something then tell them how good it feels.

9) Use it as a way to bring you closer together

Better Communication in bed
A good way to bring up the subject of trying something new in bed is to talk to your partner about it directly but phrase it’s that you want to use it as a way to bring you closer together. That will appeal to their emotional side and they’ll be more supportive as you tell them that you miss the sexual spark you used to have and that you want to feel a close bond with them again so that your relationship is strong on all levels.

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