8 Great city places to meet Women and get laid on Christmas

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Meet Women for sex
Christmas can be a hard time to meet women because a lot of them are spending it with their family or are on vacation but you can still find some single women in the city to have a one-night stand with. Some places are ones that you frequent often, like bars or the gym, but some are places you may not have thought of, like church or a skating rink. Be outgoing and spend Christmas checking out local sites because it could end up being one of the best nights of your life.

1) Bars

People can get lonely or depressed at Christmas because they don’t have anyone to share the holiday with or they struggle to get into the festive spirit. People like this either spend time by themselves or they go to busy places where they can meet other lonely people so you could try going to a bar. When you see a woman sitting by herself you can buy her a drink and start a conversation but don’t talk too much about Christmas. She’s alone in a bar on Christmas for a reason so wait for her to mention it first and you can talk about other things, like your hobbies or what your plans are for the rest of the week. After a few drinks to loosen up you can suggest going somewhere more private and take her back to your place for a one-night stand.

2) The beach

Having Sex in the beach
If you live in a place that’s warm during this time of year then you should go to the beach to meet beautiful women. It’ll be easy to find the single ones because they’ll stand out from the groups of families and you know they’ll be beautiful women because the ones who go to the beach tend to be the ones who take care of themselves because they want to look good in a bikini. You can bump into them while going for a swim or playfully splash them then tell them that this time of year always makes you feel like a kid again. It can help break the ice and make them laugh, plus nostalgia for being a playful kid might make them relax around you which could lead to them wanting to spend more time with you.

3) Church

Single women will sometimes spend Christmas visiting their parents and older people tend to be more traditional and go to church on Christmas morning. Attending a service can help you meet women if you discreetly check out who’s there and pick out people who stand out in a group. You’ll likely find a couple of women who are tagging along with their family so wait until you see them standing by themselves and introduce yourself. They’ll probably have plans with their family for dinner so suggest meeting for drinks later in the evening because they’ll want to loosen up and have some fun.

4) A restaurant

Meeting Women at the restaurant
Some restaurants have special holiday meals on Christmas day and lots of single people go to them because they don’t want to go through the effort of making a big dinner just for themselves. You can treat yourself to a nice dinner and if you see someone sitting by themselves you can ask to join them. Some restaurants also have events going on for single people who don’t have any Christmas plans so see if any of the local places have this going on. These events will increase your chances of getting laid because you know everyone there is single and there’s a party vibe which will add excitement and fun to the atmosphere.

5) Grocery store

Grocery stores are usually open for shorter hours on Christmas for people who need to buy last minute items so find out when your store is open and go shopping. You can take your time browsing the aisles and waiting for the right woman to come along and fill your basket up with lots of tasty treats, like alcohol and chocolate. When you see someone you’re interested you can casually strike up a conversation, mention you don’t have anyone to share your treats with and ask if they’d like to have a picnic. If you live somewhere cool you can offer to take them back to your place and if it’s warm you can go to a local park.

6) The gym

Beautiful women will make time to go to the gym on Christmas because they take care of their appearance and will want to burn off extra calories since they know they’ll be indulging in treats. Go to the gym in the evening when guilt starts to kick in from eating a big Christmas dinner because that’s when women will want to exercise. Start working out because you don’t want to make it obvious you’re looking for a one night stand and focus on one or two women that interest you. When they take a break go over to them and tell them it’s great they’re at the gym today when most people are slacking off and that discipline is something you find sexy. They’ll like the compliment and the word ‘discipline’ has a naughty overtone that will get their attention.

7) The park

Flirting at the park
Most cities will decorate the park at Christmastime and have events going on to make the holiday more special. You can check out the park in the morning to meet women because this is when they’ll be going for a jog or taking a relaxing walk before the chaos of the day starts. You should also go in the evening when the fairy lights are on because women will want to see how beautiful the park looks and will enjoy having someone keep them company.

8) Skating rink

A lot of cities will have a skating rink set up during the winter season so see if there’s one where you live because it can be a fun place to meet women. They have a fun, relaxing vibe to them and there’s usually other activities going on at the same time so there’s plenty of places to check out. You could go to the concession stand and offer to buy a woman a hot chocolate, enjoy some music if there’s a live band and start a conversation with someone there or help a woman skate if she’s learning how to do it. Once you’ve made a connection and they’ve seen what a nice guy you are they’ll want to get to know you better.

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