The 7 real reasons why men cheat on their partners

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Do all men Cheat?
“Do all men cheat?” is a question a lot of women ask themselves at some point in their life because they’ll experience being cheated on and will feel like a man who stays faithful is a myth. They’ll come up with their own reasons for why men cheat and most of them involve sex because there’s an idea that men are obsessed with it and is the reason for a lot of decisions they make. Some men do cheat because of sex but some of them cheat for deeper reasons.

1) They want to act masculine

Want to Act Masculine
The answer to “Do all men cheat?” is a “Yes.” to some men because they think it’s a sign of masculinity and a real man will sleep with as many women as he can, regardless of his relationship status. They see cheating as a normal activity and they don’t want people think they’re a ‘pussy whipped’ guy who’s stuck in a monogamous relationship. They like bragging to their friends about their latest conquest and every woman they sleep with makes them feel more masculine and powerful. They cheat constantly and don’t care if they get caught and are the type of person who will seek out women who will look the other way when it happens or who will forgive them and take them back. It’s easy to catch a cheater when they’re like this because they make it clear that this is who they are and they aren’t going to change.

2) They struggle with self-esteem

Women aren’t the only ones who struggle with self-esteem, men do too but they tend to deal with it in other ways. When men feel inadequate, unattractive or depressed they’ll seek out people to validate them and make them feel wanted. They cheat because they want someone to give them attention and it isn’t about sex at all. Sometimes just flirting or spending time with someone is enough to satisfy them which leads to emotional cheating and they’ll escalate it to having sex if the other person really makes them feel desirable and loved. When they cheat sex is secondary and their main reason for doing this is to try and deal with their self-esteem issues.

3) They’re inconsiderate of their partner’s feelings

To catch a cheater you need to look for the man who doesn’t care about their partner’s feelings and are only interested in making themselves happy. They cheat because they see someone they want and think it doesn’t matter because it’ll just be a onetime thing or they think that it’s not really cheating because there’s no actual relationship or feelings involved. They aren’t thoughtful enough to think through the consequences and they don’t realize that even though it doesn’t matter to them that it will hurt their partner in a big way. They only see things from their point of view and expect their partner to understand how meaningless it is to them. When their partner finds out what happened and gets upset they think they’re over reacting and tell them that it was nothing and it won’t happen again.

4) They had a poor role model

Some people grow up with poor role models for parents and they deal with this in one of two ways: they do everything they cannot to end up like their parents or they learn that this is acceptable behavior and repeat their mistakes as adults. When a man grows up seeing his dad cheat all the time they will either make an effort to stay faithful because they don’t want to break up their family or they’ll see relationships as being disposable and will cheat because it’s what they’re used to. It takes a lot of work for them to realize and accept that their dad was a poor role model and that they need to change the way they think and act because it’s damaging to relationships.

5) They have unrealistic expectations

Having unrealistic expectations
Unrealistic expectations for women are common and are shown often in media; they need to look sexy all of the time, stay in great shape even after having children, they need to look after their man and keep the house looking nice. Men come to expect these things from women and when the one they’re with don’t live up to these unrealistic standards they start looking for their ideal women. They’ll cheat when they think they’ve found someone that they think is an upgrade from their current partner then when they realize that the person they’re cheating with has flaws too they’ll end the affair and look for someone new to cheat with. It’s a never-ending cycle of them trying to find a woman that gives them everything they want and expect.

6) They crave excitement

Being in a long-term relationship can lead to boredom because you’re used to being together and you get stuck in a rut. Men start to miss the days of being single because it seems more exciting and they’ll cheat because of the thrill of being with someone new and the danger of getting caught. It gives them a rush and it temporarily satisfies their craving for excitement. If they get away with it the first time then they’ll start doing it whenever they fell bored or restless and eventually they’ll get used to doing it. This leads them to taking riskier behavior, such as meeting more people or engaging in kinkier activities, which can lead to them getting caught by their partner.

7) They’ve already mentally left their partner

Staying in a relationship when the love is gone is something people do if they feel comfortable staying in the relationship and just going with the flow or if they don’t want to deal with going through a break up. They know it’s over but they’re avoiding confronting the issue and are hoping their partner breaks up with them first. They’ve already mentally left their partner and will cheat because they’re trying to find a new relationship before they end the one they’re currently in or they’re hoping their partner will find out and leave them. They feel like they’re single and will cheat because the consequences don’t matter to them. Cheating is just a way for them to get one-step closer to getting out of their relationship.

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