10 Ways to understand your woman better

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Get To Know Her Better Men aren’t known for understanding women and this can put a strain on their relationship because it makes their partner feel ignored and unloved. They want a man who makes an effort and pays attention because it brings you closer as a couple. When she feels like you don’t get her then she’s going to start pulling away emotionally and will find a man who can give her what she needs. You have to learn how to start understanding women so that you can take the right approach and have a better relationship with your partner.

1) Listen to tone of voice

Listening to the tone of voice used helps you with understanding women because it can tell you a lot about what’s she’s thinking and feeling. When she’s upset but doesn’t want to fight she says she’s fine but you’ll be able to tell she’s actually mad because her tone of voice will be sharper. Men usually take things at face value but women aren’t like that so listen to what she says and how she says it because when her tone matches her words then she means what she says but when there’s a difference then there’s a problem that you need to figure out.

2) Show her intimacy

Women love intimacy because it makes them feel loved and close to their partner, it’s a way of expressing deep feelings without using many words. This tends to come too naturally to women and when she’s does things like gives you a back rub after work or remember an event that’s special to you, she’s expressing how much she cares for you. Understanding women means realizing that she is using this as another way to communicate with you and it’s not just meaningless actions.

3) Watch her body language

Body language is a way people express themselves and they don’t always realize that they’re doing it. It’s a way to get an honest idea of how they feel because it may not be something they’re doing intentionally. When you’re understanding women better you have to learn how to read their body because there are defensive stances, like crossing her arms or leaning away from you, and positive ones, like snuggling up to you. Looking out for these gestures can help you figure out what kind of mood she’s in.

4) Have a meaningful conversation

Meaning conversations go a long way towards understanding women because this is when she’s sharing her most personal thoughts. Women know men hate this type of conversation so she may be reluctant to share with you so you need to take the initiative. Ask her about something meaningful, like where she sees herself in ten years or what her short-term goals are so you can get a better idea of what she wants in life. This helps you understand why she makes certain decisions.

5) Pay attention to what she says

Some of it will be meaningless chatter but now and again she’s going to share something important with you and you may not realize it. Paying true attention to what she says involves listening to her, knowing what she’s talking about and listening for key words like ‘I was so upset’ or ‘I really hope’. You need to remember the important stuff and ask her about it while making eye contact so she knows you’re listening and will be willing to share even more with you.

6) Understand what upsets her

Knowing what upsets her helps you with understanding women because you learn what triggers her and where her boundaries are. When she gets upset pay attention to the level of upset she is and what made her feel this way so you know what to avoid doing later on. Knowing what upsets her will also help you understand how to deal with the situation because if it’s a minor issue or it wasn’t you that upset then you have to deal with it in a different way than if you did something major to cause the issue.

7) Treat her as an equal

The way a woman acts changes based on how she’s treated so when you’re learning about understanding women you have to figure out the role she plays in your life. It’s easy for roles in a relationship to change over time and it happens so gradually that neither of you may notice it happening. Women sometimes slip into the role of caretaker and this can make her feel unsatisfied without knowing why. Start treating her as an equal and see if it makes a difference in your relationship. This can help you understand the importance of being in a partnership and the effect the way you treat her has on it.

8) Have date nights

Date nights are important, especially if you’re in a long-term relationship, because they help with intimacy. You can plan a date night based on understanding women by having a candle lit dinner where you open up and talk about something meaningful, like where you see the relationship going or sharing a special goal you’d like the two of you to accomplish together.

9) Spend quality time together

spending time together
Quality time together helps with understanding women because you get to know each other without being distracted by things like cell phones or television. You can stay home or go to a quiet place, turn off your phones and just be with each other. It’s nice to have a relaxed time together and it creates an environment where the two of you are more likely to engage in intimacy or have a meaningful conversation. You can get to know your partner better and bring you closer together.

10) Ask her questions

You need to be proactive about understanding women so be upfront and ask her questions about things you’re curious about. She’s going to appreciate you taking an interest and will tell you what you want to know. This can also give you a chance to study her body language because she’s going to be talking about something that she cares about. She’s going to be leaning in, smiling and touching your arm when she’s talking which are all signs of positive body language. You can use this to compare how body language at other times and you’ll also learn more about who she is as a person

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