Behaviours in men that women like according to ages (20’s, 30’s, 40’s and 50’s)

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Men BehavioursThe type of behaviours that women like in their men changes as they get older because they’ve experienced life and have a better understanding of what they need and want. A bad boy is sexy to a woman in her 20’s because she wants excitement and to push boundaries but a woman in her 50’s wants a self-confident and reliable man because that mirrors how she feels about herself and the stage she’s at in life. Knowing what behaviours attract women at different ages can help you understand their dating choices and find someone you’re more likely to connect with if you’re looking for a relationship.

Women in their 20’s are just starting to experience life and they want to see just how wild they can get. They like to take risks and fall in love with guys who have a reputation for being bad boys because they represent what she wants. Guys who have behaviours like not respecting authority figures, making sarcastic comments, staying out all night partying, smoking and drinking will always get attention from young women. Since they push boundaries they have an aura of sexiness and this makes women associate them with wild, passionate and kinky sex which is something they fantasize about and want to experience. These men think being masculine means acting vulgar and arrogant so they make those behaviours part of their identity. They stand out from other guys which makes them seem special and women want to date a guy they can brag about to their girlfriends, whom they enjoy making jealous. It’s like a game to them and it makes their lives seem more fun and interesting so these are the guys they fall in love with.

When women are in their 30’s they’re becoming more mature and responsible because they are starting to become established in life. they’ve had their heartbroken, they have more realistic expectations for relationships, they’re more self-confident and they’re trying to get ahead in their career. They don’t have time or patience to deal with the drama that comes with dating a bad boy so the behaviours they look for in a man change. They want a man that acts his age instead of thinking he’s still a college boy who needs to spend his time goofing around. A man who knows how to be masculine in a self-confident way by acting assured and going after his goals in life and in his career is appealing to a woman in her 30’s. He knows what he wants and is willing to work hard for it but he also knows that it’s important to take time for some fun and women want to be with this type of man because these are age appropriate behaviours. It’s a more stable relationship but there’s a feeling of adventure which she wants because she still wants excitement in her life.

Being Masculine
By the time women reach their 40’s they’ve gone through difficult times such as job losses, a divorce, being a single parent or struggling with being self-confident as they get older. Their view of life is more down to earth and jaded than it was when they were in their 20’s and immature or non-loving behaviours are the last thing they want from a man. They want a slightly more confident and reliable version of the man they wanted in their 30’s. A man who is content being himself instead of trying to prove how masculine he is, who is going to be there for his partner and has found a balance between his career and his personal life is going to get their attention because he has his priorities in the right order. She’s had a couple of decades of lust and excitement and is now looking to a more safe and content future. She knows she isn’t getting any younger and doesn’t want a man who is having a mid-life crisis and trying to get both of them to relive their youth. She wants a man who is happy about where he is in life and has realistic dreams and goals for the future because this is the kind of man she can spend quality time with.

Women know that being in their 50’s means that they’re well into middle age and it’s just a matter of time before they become senior citizens. This is when their behaviours shift and they start thinking more about what life is going to be like as an older person and fears of loneliness or abandonment fill their minds. Life experience has taught them that they don’t need a man to look after them but it’s nice to have someone keep them company. The list of behaviours they look for are few and this is the time of life when they take dating the most seriously because they don’t want to waste time on men who can’t give them what they want. Men need to have behaviours that are mostly mature but with a hint of fun so they don’t come across like a grumpy, old man. He needs to take his health seriously, has to have a solid retirement plan and is still outgoing enough to want to do things like occasionally travel or go to local events because having a social life is important. Women want a man they can happily spend the rest of their lives with and who is living life at a similar pace to them.

Life makes everyone’s behaviours change in every way, they way the act and think is as a 20 year old is completely different by the time they reach their 50’s. This is because everyday events affect them and they develop a clearer understanding of who they are and want they need from a life partner. The behaviours that grabbed their attention and turned them on evolve as time goes on because they become more mature and have realistic expectations of how a real man should be. They realize that a man who is reliable, self-confident and hard working is the kind that will bring stability to their life and is going to be a positive person in their life. Women start out wanting excitement but gradually ease into wanting a life that’s predictable and safe so the man they choose to be with must have the behaviours to suit that lifestyle.

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