8 things that Makes a Man Good in Bed

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8 Things That Separate the Average Guy from a Sex God

Being Good in Bed
Most women end up with an average guy and are somewhat satisfied with their sex life but what they really want is a sex god. This doesn’t mean a guy who looks like an Adonis, it means a man who is good in bed and cares about how his woman feels. When you know what women really want then you can change some of you habits and make her see that you know what good sex is all about.

1) Sexual desire is genuine

Women can tell when a man has true sexual desire for them and when they’re just looking for someone to have sex with. A man who’s good in bed has genuine sexual desire for their partner and shows it through eye contact, gentle touches and being attentive to their partner’s needs. There’s no doubt that he wants her and only her in that moment and he’s dying to be with her. Feeling wanted in such an intimate moment is important to women and is a part of good sex for them. They consider the emotional and mental aspect as well as the physical aspect when they decide whether or not a man is good in bed.

2) They always remember foreplay

The average guy spends little time on foreplay because he’s eager to get to the main event but women need foreplay, and more of it then men do, to get in the mood. If you want her to think you’re good in bed you need to spend time on foreplay and make an effort to find out what she enjoys the most. Explore her erogenous zones and pay attention to what areas turn her on because it’s different for every woman. Give her foreplay until she’s dying for you to have sex with her because this is going to put her at her peak of horniness. This shows her that you care about her pleasure and are making an effort at giving her the best experience possible.

3) Putting their partner’s orgasm first

A lot of men get caught up in the moment and focus on their orgasm while forgetting about their partner’s which can leave women feeling unsatisfied and thinking less of their partner’s sexual ability. To be considered good in bed you need to remember that sex is about both of you sharing a special moment and having an orgasm at the end of it. A sex god puts their partner’s orgasm first because they care about giving them one of those and want them to feel as good as they can during sex. If your partner has had selfish lovers in the past then this is going to be a new and wonderful experience for them and they’re going to think more highly of you because you’re being thoughtful.

4) Having stamina

Men are known for having poor stamina in bed so if you want her to think you’re different then you need to work on your stamina. She wants a man who can last long enough for it to be a satisfying experience for both of you and sex that lasts for a couple of minutes and ends as soon as you have an orgasm isn’t good enough. Practice increasing your stamina privately by edging when masturbating so you learn to hold off an orgasm and during sex slow things down when you’re about to have an orgasm so you can regain control of your body.

5) Learning how to be good in bed

Support her sexual fantasies
Too much confidence or laziness can stop you from being good in bed because you don’t think to improve your performance but there’s a good chance you’re doing something your partner doesn’t like or you’re not doing something that they wish you would do. If you want to be good in bed you need to be willing to try new things, talk to your partner about how you can be a better lover and not take constructive criticism personally. Work with your partner and find ways of connecting more and understanding each other. Learning how to be better in the bedroom isn’t something everyone does but it makes a big difference if you want to have good sex.

6) Being supportive of sexual fantasies

Everyone has sexual fantasies and being with a partner who isn’t open-minded or supportive is going to drive a wedge in the relationship. To be good in bed you need to be able to communicate effectively with your partner and share sexual fantasies with each other. It’s scary to tell your partner what you want so when they share something with you, you need to listen to what they say and seriously consider trying it. This attitude makes them feel closer to you and they trust you more which is going to enhance their sexual experience with you.

7) Being able to verbalize effectively

A way of showing sexual desire is how you communicate that feeling for your partner so part of being good in bed is you verbalizing effectively. This means telling them how sexy they are, saying how much you love them and moaning when they’re doing something you like instead of mostly being silent during sex. Not only does this show your sexual desire for your partner but also lets them know how much you’re enjoying it. This makes things more fun and meaningful because you’re expressing yourself and this is going to get your partner’s attention which makes them more enthusiastic. The two of you will feed off of each other’s sexual desire and this is going to take sex to a more wild and passionate level.

8) Willing to try new activities

A sex god loves sex and makes an effort to keep things exciting in the bedroom by talking about sexual fantasies, buying sex toys, role-playing and by taking the initiative if their partner is shy. They find new ways of pleasuring their partner and don’t always expect them to reciprocate and they like to push boundaries. Sex is a fun activity that doesn’t involve shame, embarrassment or shyness because they see it as an integral part of life. This kind of confidence is a sexy quality that women notice and she’s going to appreciate you more than a guy who is fine with a dull sex life.

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