• What keeps MonkeysReviews.com ahead of its competitors?

We know that every visitor who is coming to MonkeysReviews.com for the first time would like to have the answer of this question. We are equally interested to share our secret with you so that you can distinguish us from others. Like our competitors we don’t publish any fake reviews to draw the attention of visitors. All of our reviewers are genuine persons who keep on posting real reviews to give others a fair idea about our site’s offerings, highlighting its merits, demerits and letting people know what they would really get if they decide to register with us and opt for our dating service.

  • What factors should be considered to find out the best adult dating sites?

Most of our reviewers have been associated with the online dating industry for years. Since dating sites have several common features we have come up with a list of factors that reviewers can use to evaluate and rank all the dating sites that we consider.

Things like look of the site, some of its special features (which are available nowhere), total number of members, time it takes to load, the type of server it’s hosted on, its user-friendliness, appeal of its design layout, special bonus and promotional offers if any and the fee for becoming a permanent member are considered by us when it comes to judge the quality of the site.

  • Are the dating reviews genuine?

There are hundreds of thousands of dating sites on internet and people always need quality review on them to avoid the fake ones and settle for the best one. By reviewing the online dating sites, we make it easier for people and help them to save a lot of time and energy. Since our professional reviewers don’t receive any commission from a site under review so there is no reason for them to present the site in a more appealing manner. They only judge the site based on our fixed factors and give visitors a brief idea about the site taking into account all of its good as well as bad points.

The impartial and genuine reviews are organized and rated according to our fixed factors so that you can have a comparative account of popular adult dating websites for your reference. For this, you don’t have to spend your valuable time and money in registering for the sites that are not worth considered. We assure you get genuine dating site reviews and comparisons that will give good return for your money.

  • I have login problems and how to cancel a membership with a dating site.

If you are facing problem in logging in to the website you have registered for then your given password might not be the right one. Since password is case sensitive, you need to check your caps lock first. Turn it off if it is on and then retype your password. If the login problem still persists then ensure cookies have been enabled in the browser. Password verification is a major step in getting an access to a site you have registered for. It is the way of verifying that you are the holder of the account that you have created in the site. Even if you could not remember the password there is a way to retrieve the password. You can find Forgot My Password option in the login page which you need to click on and request that the password should be forwarded to the given email ID.

If the above given suggestions does not seem like working in your case then you can consider to contact the technical team of the dating site you have registered for. Basically the website contact details are given at the bottom of homepage and you can use this information (email ID or toll free telephone number) to establish a contact with a real human being and inform him/her about your problem.

If ever you want to close your membership account in one of our reviewed sites then do remember that we can’t render you necessary help as we don’t have any control on them. We try to bring an unbiased view of different adult dating sites so that you can get quality dating service for your hard earned money. If you really want to close your membership account then read out the policies for cancellation in the member’s areas of the specific site. We won’t be able to comply with your request for refund as the reviewed sites are neither owned nor run by us.

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