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FBookHookups ReviewFbookHookups MembersFBookHookups is a dating site perfect for all those who are looking for fun and pleasure in sexual encounters. More than 42 million people have already become its members and taken advantage of online adult dating. It has not only brought together people with differing sexual preferences (straight, lesbian, gay, homosexual and bisexual) but also helped the groups as well as couples to get involved in orgies. Here, members can have access to swingers and adult dating personals for sheer excitement. The user base of Fbookhookups is steadily increasing due to its authentic adult personals and quality dating service. It is getting more number of membership requests from people around the world these days and even allowing them to find an unlimited number of sexual encounters using its innovative dating features. It is more unlikely that you may face disappoint while doing sex search on this site. In fact, Fbookhookups can bring you lots of adult personal ads including that of men and women seeking for sex date rather than casual date. This site will aptly help you if you want relationship with straight, Trans, lesbian or gay partners or couples.

To serve the sex obsessed people Fbookhookups offers free membership option. Once you become a member you can view sex videos containing nude or seminude photos of other members without becoming a paid member. You can easily navigate through the site to find plenty of such videos and even tours of sexy women and men. The tours may be regarding their search for partners among Latinas, Asians, Blacks or based on their fetishes or sexual desirability.
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However, Gold members (3 Months – $21.72/month ) will get an access to instant messanger, flash Chat, online video chat facility and much more. They can also see detailed profiles of the members they are interested in meet someone and send them messages in real time.

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Fbookhookups Test: My Hookup Experience ( 3 months Gold membership )

I signed up myself on December 2015.To be honest, I have to say that this adult dating site  was recommended by a friend of mine. I paid 3 months instead 2 months because I could get one month gold membership for free. Now to my point. The three first weeks were really good. I could meet five Women, and I got good sex with three of them. The other two women promised much but in the end nothing. I had sex three times a week for 2 months.


  • Advanced Search. . This site which allows you to fill out the characteristic features that you would like to have in your partner. If anybody with the same features registers then you will get an email alert.
  • Transparent billing. You will never see wrong charges on your credit card and no undisclosed charges or re-billing unless properly disclosed.
  • Excellent customer support. This sites has real customer support that never is not outsourced


  • Too many messages. Messages filtering is not active by default and sometimes I got a lot of messages from other members. Mostly of them are couples seeking singles.

Fbookhookups : Conclusion

FbookHookup has remained active in the adult dating world with more than 20 million members. Right here, you get the option to choose whether you want a sexual encounter with a woman, man, lesbian or gay couple. To me this is probably the best place where you can start searching for a sexual or intimate relationship. Highly recommended!

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