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They belong to EasyDate, being one of the largest dating websites they offer very quality dating services to their members. They are also the most popular singles platform seeking a couple. Although they offer a large range of choices for any kind of sexual orientation, such as straight, bisexual, bi-curious, gay and lesbian.

The registering form is very easy friendly and let you have access to many services for free. Take note that the numbers of new members who are joining to are over 20,000 per day. So you can imagine how big this community is. So there are many thousands of member classified by profiles that are available to be contact by you. The only thing you need to do is to choose the profile of member that you are seeking and choose which one you like to contact.

If you are interested to seek a very specific profile, you can do and advanced search by location, sexual orientation, education, occupation, yearly income, and more.

Benaughty will provide you all the tools you need to find the person you have been looking for.
Something that really catches my attention is that I have the feeling of being well treated every time I visit the website. Their services are constantly being improved and they never bother you with emails or messages offering stupid things.

Free or Trial membership needs to be upgraded to Gold membership in order to get advanced services including contact to all members, mails from members, private chat rooms, videos,…
There is also a VIP add-on for a reasonable price, which provide you to get all-in-one benefits, enjoy a priority listing, and can connect to both Gold and Free members.

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1. Benaugthy is one of the largest adult dating sites dedicated to make their members feel comfortable and provide them of an easy way to find, meet and contact people from anywhere. The customer support is excellent, available in many languages.

2. They have free services for Free members, Benaughty lets them get access to the advanced search and have a look to every profile, including personal features. This is a very important feature because many adult dating sites don´t let you see what you are going to find before you upgrade your account.

3. The advanced search is easy friendly. There are many options and you can find a very specific member profile according to your interests. Locations, sexual orientation, marital status, ethnicity, eye colour, are just some of the choices available while you search.

4. Flirts, chats and videos are also some features offered to the members.


1. We miss more videos of members and some more features.

2. fortunately there are not many but some of profiles are fake or escorts looking for clients.

BeNaughty: Summary

Benaughty has a good reputation inside the singles community and still growing very fast due to it´s policy of improving services and make them more flexible according to the members needs.
Benaught also feeds on the comments and tips of each member, so the opinion of each one of them count to greatly improve their platform.
Generally we have to admit that this is a very good choice if you want to join to adult dating world.

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