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HornyMatches is an addictive adult oriented site where horny people unite and set a horny date. The online matchmaker & sex dating site not just caters to single men & women but also to married individuals who still craves to play around. It helps you to learn the very method of interacting with people instantly with similar interests from the comfort of home. The online adult dating site boasts of having sizeable members of more than 7 million, which seems pretty substantial & make a serious player in erotic adult dating. To be precise, its main aim is to give its members endless choice in potential partners.

Horny Matches, this well known adult dating site. comes with plethora of sex date features & activities including anonymous messaging, free browsing, matches by email, virtual kiss sending and more. You can also create hot lists, upload photos, check who has viewed you and who is online and. If that is not enough of a pleasant surprise, you can also avail other perks including astrology, horoscope, hide profile and lots more.

To create a profile on this exclusive online adult dating site, you will have to provide details like your sexual orientation, lifestyle and activities. The searching is broken down by sex, age, Location, photos. The partner search is achieved by way of matching your specific interests with other members.

If you a first time member, the good thing is that you can have a free account which is known Standard account which can be changed to Gold or Silver Premium membership.

On being a Premium member, you can also have access to many other top interactive communication features like private real-time video chatting, instant messaging and site-based emailing which permits actual sexual contact & sex date.

HornyMatches Test: My Hookup Experience ( 2 months membership )

I purchased a HornyMatches Gold membership on November 2012. I tried to contact around 100 woman by e-mail, and only got response from 10, and 5 of them are only interested in a romance.


  1. The adult oriented site, HornyMatches.com gives you fair chance to join for free by a trial account.
  2. The HornyMatches.com comes with horde of lucrative features and activities including messaging, free browsing, matches by email, virtual kiss sending and more.
  3. The site comes with comprehensive member listings. With listing options, HornyMatches presents reasonable odds in being able to locate prospective partners in your area.
  4. What is so good about it is that it provides member’s full profiles for free. The profiles were properly categorized so that they can be viewed easily and pose no issue in information gathering.
  5. Another good thing is that if you are contemplating to buy membership on this online adult dating site, you can enjoy the freedom of availing 4 months of Gold membership from 21$/month.
  6. In this addictive online adult dating site, the images or photos posted are pretty prominent and have the option of enlarge right from listing. A space is distinctly allotted for six public photos on the profile. Well, what is so good is that this adult dating site gives you easy access to view member’s photos without paying anything for the service.


– A lot of fake profiles.
– The chances to hookup are very low.
– There is no scope of live- communication on this online dating site.
– The price of the dating service is a little high.

HornyMatches Review: Summary

HornyMatches is a waste of time and money. A lot of profiles published on their members area are fake.

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