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social SexSocial Sex is exactly what you think, a dating site for people who want to hook up with other adults without any kind of strings. There are a lot of naked photos of themselves but it´s not a scam – SocialSex was voted as the best adult dating site in 2011. The site is totally open and one of its main advantages is most people there looking for sex.During sign up process you are guided by a sexy naked blonde girl, who asks you some questions. This is a very interactive way to engage you with the website and it works very well.

The Sign up process looks totally free but after you are taken to a form asking for your credit card information that will be used to activate your account. Apparently no charge, there is an automatically checked box in the small print that notes you agree to being signed up for 2 days and get access to videos and other features and it costs $1,05 but after that it renews at $41,97 monthly.

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SocialSex Test: My Hookup Experience ( 2 months membership )

I signed up myself on November 2014. I had three blind dates in just two weeks.
During the second month I met a really kinky girl from NY and we got a big fun!
Summary: In just two months I met seven sex partners ( five were succesful and two unsuccesful )


1.Easy friendly website. The is no advertising at all. The tabs and menus are all really clearly set out and labeled and the matches are pretty fast.

2.Search and Matching. During sign up process you are asked about your sexual preferences. The purpose of this is to make your sex search easier and faster. You also can search using one of the many different methods: local matches, new members, users shown on camera, etc.

3.Safety..This site has three golden rules you are asked to agree before validating your account:

  • You don´t publicize the fact that you have seen someone you know or tell your friends.
  • You should have safe sex and do it under your knowledge and responsibility
  • In this site the women are amateurs and not prostitutes or porn stars so you should respect their privacy.


– The kind of images profiles are sometimes too kinky and sexually explicit.

Social Sex Review: Summary

SocialSex is actually one of the best adult dating sites. It´s a new site where it´s very easy to get laid and rarely fake profiles are found. We highly recommend this site, because it’s low fees and because there are many fresh real profiles.

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