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Victoria Milan Review 2020

Last Victoria Milan Review Update: 03/19/20
VictoriaMilan reviewo 2020

Victoria Milan is an online dating website that specializes in helping married people have discreet and anonymous affairs with other attached people. It’s a popular cheating site that is fairly new but has already gained around six million users from all over the world due to it’s reputation for safety and security standards. New members are joining everyday so there’s always someone new for you to meet for a hookup affair and since it’s for married people you don’t have to worry about hiding your relationship status because everyone is on the same level.

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Victoria Milan Sign-up and Login Process

Victoria Milan Sign-up process

Straightforward and quick registration
Not much information required
Email Verification

Victoria Milan makes the sign-up process quick and easy for it’s users so you only need to spend a couple of minutes doing it. All you need is an email address to sign-up and there will be a couple of information fields to fill out. The information you have to give is basic, like your username, height and weight, and you have the option to skip some fields if you don’t want to answer them. After you finish answering the questions they email you a confirmation link that you need to click to activate your account.

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Victoria Milan Members Area

Members area

Adding favorites and giving winks are for free
Send virtual gifts using your credits
Many countries to get lots of hotties
Majority of the members are looking for a sexual encounter

The main part of a cheating site is the members area because this is where all of the relevant information is to make your experience tailored to your needs. Victoria Milan makes it easy to see who the new members are and who is currently online so that you can instantly start looking at profiles. You can also ‘favourite’ members that you’re interested in and sort profiles by whether or not they have pictures so you know who you’re messaging. The advanced search function lets you narrow profiles down even more by orientation, sex drive and other traits.

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VictoriaMilan Profile Information

VictoriaMilan Profile information

Profile photos are most likely anonymous
See the user’s registration date and last login date
Dating locations are based on countries and nearby areas
update your profile at your convenience

It’s important to fill out all of your profile information on Victoriamilan because this is what’s going to get people interested in you and you’ll be more successful at married dating. When you’re filling out your profile there are fields for basic information like your age, height, weight, location and level of sex drive as well as any hobbies you have and the type of person you’re looking for. It takes time to fill all of this out but you should do a thorough job because it gives members an idea of who you are.

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Victoria Milan Messaging

VictoriaMilan messaging

Sending and viewing messages are premium exclusive
Panic button for emergency exit
Private Keys for exclusive photos

One thing that every cheating site has in common is the ability to message other users in an easy and safe way. Victoria Milan provides it’s users with two ways of communicating with each other: private messaging and instant chat. You can choose who to message and if someone bothers you there’s a block function so you don’t have to deal with them. There are three message categories: all messages, unread messages and message from online users. This makes it easy to keep track of your inbox and know who you need to send a reply to.

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Special Features

Victoria Milan has lots of special features to enhance their members experience on the site and stand out from the others. Some of these special features are for premium members but a couple are available to basic members too. It’s important to be anonymous when you’re having a married affair so there’s a blur feature to hide your face. You can also check out featured members, send gifts and winks and chat to other members through instant messaging. Credits are needed for some special features but you can get some for free when you verify your profile.

Featured Users

There’s a special section on Victoriamilan called Featured Users and this is where they showcase members from all over the world who are some of the most popular users on the site. They get this status by keeping their profile information updated and regularly uploading new pictures. They’re popular because they’re active online, reply to messages and are serious about married dating which is why they’re chosen to be promoted by the site. When you message these members you know you’re getting the real deal and that they’re not going to waste your time.


Sending private messages on Victoria Milan is only for premium members and they’re allowed to send and receive them. The message inbox organizes them into three categories: all messages, unread messages and messages from members who are currently online, so that you can easily choose which category to focus on. With your messages you can send private keys which allow the person you’re talking to, to see exclusive pictures that you’ve uploaded. When you get a message you are instantly notified so you won’t miss any and can quickly reply back to start your hookup affair.


One of the fun perks of Victoriamilan is being able to send virtual gifts to someone you’re attracted to. These cost credits to send but you can get credits free by verifying your profile and having a premium subscription. Depending on the subscription plan you’re on you can get up to 1,000 credits. These virtual gifts are kept in an specially marked area and this is where you can see which gifts you’ve sent and received. These add a bit of flirtation to married dating and it’s something sweet and special for your potential lover.


It’s hard to break the ice on a cheating site because you don’t know what to say and you want to get their attention. One way of dealing with this is by sending winks. They take the pressure off of you by being ready to send and it lets others know that you’re interested in them. All you have to do is send them then wait for them to reply. Winks are free to send and all of the ones you’ve given or received are kept in a list so you can keep track of them.

Instant Messenger

There’s always thousands of members online at Victoria Milan at any moment and you can use the instant messenger to chat with them in real time. When you see a member you’re interested in and they’re online all you have to do is go to their profile and click on the Instant Messenger icon. To quickly use this feature you can favourite certain member and easily get in touch with them.You can choose to communicate by typing or use the audio feature and hear their voice. Winks and gifts can also be sent by instant messenger.

Flirt, Gift and Tips

Part of the excitement of a cheating site is the taboo factor and you can heighten this by sending something sexy with a flirt or a gift. A flirt is a short,sweet message you send to get their attention and let them know you’re interested in them or you can send a gift as a nice surprise and show them that you’re serious about getting to know them.



VictoriaMilan Mobile App

Chats are grouped in All, Unread, and Online
Quick tab for new, online and favorite members
People Nearby Feature
Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

The Victoria Milan website also has an app you can download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store so that you can log on any time and anywhere. The app is nearly identical to the website however it doesn’t offer video chat or the panic button. The app does have one exclusive feature which is called People Nearby which lets you see members who are close to you without you having to search like you would on the website. It’s quick and easy to download so you can discreetly continue your search for a hookup affair.


Field Test

I decided to join Victoriamilan because I heard good things about it and it seemed like a user friendly site. I like the idea of using a cheating site that was specifically for married and attached people because everyone is on the same page and understands the importance of discretion. I was looking forward to joining and was happy to see that the sign-up process was as simple as it was promised. It only took a couple of minutes to fill out the relevant information and when I was done the confirmation link was instantly sent to me.

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There are four pricing levels offered on Victoria Milan and you can upgrade later if you decide to unlock more features. If you want to check out the site before committing to it you can join for free and use the basic features. If you want a more interactive experience you can sign up for a 3 month plan for $49.99 a month, a 6 month plan for $39.99 a month or a 1 year plan for $29.99 a month. The advantages to each plan is laid out so you know exactly what you’re getting.

You can pay by credit card without worrying about the site name appearing on your bill because they use an anonymous name that changes regularly. Your subscription is renewed automatically every three months so you always have access to the site and can have your married affair at any time.

Victoria Milan Pricing


When you’re ready to try married dating you want to use a site that’s easy to use, has lots of members and offers you safety and privacy. These are all things that are offered by Victoriamilan and they work hard to give their users a good experience. They make an effort at standing out from other sites that people use when looking for a married affair by having special features like showcasing popular users, being able to verify your profile, having the option of giving gifts and winks as well communicating through messages, instant messaging and video chat.

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Even though Victoriamilan is a newer online dating site they have measures in place to instill confidence in their legitimacy. They verify profiles so you know you’re talking to real people and they have a strong social media presence so you can contact them if you have any issues.
If you need a break from using Victoriamilan you can delete your account in a few simple steps. On the left sidebar of the main page after logging in you will see a field marked Settings. Click on it, select Deactivate Profile then fill out the form and submit it.
Victoria Milan isn’t a scam. They are prompt with addressing concerns plus there are up to date security features to protect your information. They have satisfied users from all over the world and have six million members who are willing to use this site for their married dating needs.
They know security is important to their members so they are constantly improving data safety in their servers and use the best technology available on their site. They use Norton, Amazon Web Services, SSL Trust and a 256-bit encryption system. Your personal information is always anonymous and protected.
When you have a subscription to Victoria Milan there is an auto-renewal every three months but if you want to change this so you can manually renew your subscription you need to login to your account. There is a box next to your profile picture and once you click it you will be taken to the My Membership page. Find your Membership Expires On date and click on it. This opens a new window and the date will be shown again. All you have to do next is select Cancel and auto-renewal will be turned off.
If you want to contact members for a hookup affair you need to have a subscription before you can send or receive communications. Once you have a subscription you contact members through unlimited private messages, instant messaging and video chat by going to their profile and selecting the message field.
Cupid email isn’t a feature on Victoria Milan. You don’t have to worry about your Cupid email being filled with spam by this site and can control what emails you get sent to your sign-up email by going to Settings and selecting what notifications you want to get.
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