11 Things Girls Tell You In Texts Vs. What They Really Mean

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When a woman  wants to send a message... When a girl decides to send a message to her boyfriend she might not say what she really means because she wants to keep it short and hopes you understand what she’s saying. There are a few common talk texts that most girls do so learn these so you know what she’s telling you.

  1. Ha, forgot to reply back
  2. She didn’t forget to reply back, she just thought it wasn’t worth replying to because she had better things to do. She only replied back because she didn’t want to hurt your feelings.

  3. Lol
  4. This is her being nice and pretending to be amused by what you’ve just said but really she thought it was lame. Think about what you said and why it didn’t have the affect you thought it would.

  5. Hey!
  6. She’s bored and has nothing to say to you so she’s hoping that you’ll suggest going out somewhere or at least give her an interesting conversation.

  7. Let’s hang out next week.
  8. She doesn’t want to see you because she’s not interested in you but is being nice about it. She’s hoping that you’ll forget about her by the time next week comes along so it’s best to leave her alone.

  9. Want to meet for lunch?
  10. She wants to see you but is asking so she doesn’t come across as desperate or lonely. Say ‘Yes’ and suggest a place to meet or see if she had someplace in mind because this is what she wants.

  11. U busy?
  12. This is another code for her being bored and is looking to kill time with talk texts. Try to think of something interesting to say or do to keep her entertained because if you don’t you’re going to keep getting short messages from her until she finds something to do.

  13. Is Jim coming too?
  14. If she’s asking if someone else is coming too then she’s trying to tell you that she sees you as a friend and doesn’t want to be in a situation where you might think it’s a date. This is her way of keeping you in the friend zone.

  15. Aww, that’s so cute.
  16. She likes what you said and it made her smile which means she’s feeling positive towards you. Keep the good mood going by continuing the conversation or remember what you said so that you can do something similar later on.

  17. This movie looks awesome, let’s go!
  18. She’s asking you out without being too obvious about it by putting the focus on the movie instead of her. Make plans to go see it even if you don’t like it because she might not try again.

  19. Can we talk?
  20. She wants to talk to you about something serious and knows it has to be done in person so isn’t being upfront about what’s on her mind. Instead of asking her what she wants to talk about tell her when you can meet her.

  21. Sounds good.
  22. Whatever you said was mediocre and she’s not too enthusiastic about it but she doesn’t hate it either. If she really liked it then she would’ve been more upbeat and used said something like ‘Great.’ or ‘Can’t wait.’. She wants you to try harder next time to grab her interest.

Katy Benett