11 Things women do when they know they’re going to have sex

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What women do before Having Sex Women take having sex more seriously than men do and when they know they’re going to have it they take time to get themselves ready. It doesn’t matter if it’s with guys they find on adult dating sites like FbookHookups or guys they’re in a relationship with, there are certain things they will do to make the experience better.

1) Shave their body

They have to shave from their arms to their legs and they want to be silky smooth before have sex because they know it’s more attractive.

2) Take care of their pubic hair

Every woman will take care of their pubic hair before have sex to make sure it’s presentable down there. Preferences for shaved or trimmed will vary but she will spend time on grooming that area because she knows that men don’t like anything too hairy.

3) Manicures and pedicures

They’ll do quick manicures and pedicures at home if they don’t have time to get them professionally done. Sex involves touching so she’ll trim her nails to make them smooth and might paint them to make them look nicer.

4) Imagine the moment

Sex happens differently depending on the situation, with hook ups it’ll be more of an exciting rush and with a boyfriend it’ll be more romantic. She’ll imagine what it’ll be like to help put her in the mood and to help her decide what to wear and how to act.

5) Choose the perfect underwear

Women want to look sexy and for their partner to be completely focused on them so they choose their underwear carefully. She’ll wear her sexiest underwear and make sure that her bra and panties match.

6) Go through their closet

Clothes can be a pain to take off when you’re ready for sex so women will wear something that’s sexy but easy to remove. This is why dresses and skirts are more popular for date nights then jeans and blouses.

7) Talk to their girlfriends

If it’s her first date with a guy she’s met on one of her adult dating sites like AdultFriendFinder or if it’s early in the relationship then she’ll talk to her girlfriends or text a picture of what she’s wearing. She wants their opinion
because she wants to look her best and their encouragement can boost her confidence.

8) Pack their handbag

Sometimes having sex means spending the night at his place so she’ll pack her handbag to make sure she has everything she needs. This will be things like a hairbrush, toothbrush and items like that.

9) Shower and groom themselves

A warm shower will help her relax and put her in the mood for sex so this will be the first thing she does before getting dressed. She’ll also do her hair and makeup to make sure she looks her best.

10) Clean their home

If he’s coming over then she’ll clean every room that he might go into, including the living room, bathroom, kitchen and bedroom. She’ll put fresh sheets on the bed and try to make her home warm and inviting so he’ll enjoy spending time there.

11) Choose dinner wisely

Women know they need to choose dinner carefully. They’ll avoid anything that could give them bad breath or is messy to eat. She’ll also have a glass of wine to help loosen her up.

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