3 Steps To Curing Your Broken Heart After A Breakup

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Revenge SexA breakup is tough to go through but it’s something that everyone goes through. For some the recovery time lasts longer than others as they mourn the end of the relationship and they stay in an endless cycle of misery. You don’t want this to be you, you want to cure your broken heart and move on with life.

1) Have Revenge Sex
Revenge sex is a great way to get over your ex because it’s easy and doesn’t really matter who you do it with. All that really matters is that you have a great time. There’s a good chance that you were faithful during your relationship so it’s fun and exciting to be having hot, no strings attached sex with a stranger and know that there won’t be any consequences. The best part is that sex with a stranger is more wild and spontaneous because with a partner you get into a routine and sex becomes boring. Be daring and ask her for something that your ex would never do like a blow job. They may say “No.” but there’s also the chance that they’ll say “Yes.’.

Your Broken Heart2) Use Hook Up Sites To Find New Women
Finding someone new is a great way to move on. It’s fun and exciting plus you’ll probably get sex out of it.

Join a hook up site, put up a profile and see if there’s any women on there who catch your eye. Message them and meet the ones who seem interesting. This is a great way to meet new women and who knows where it will end up. You could have a few hook ups or you could find someone that you click with and end up having a relationship with. Meeting new women will help remind you that there are lots of other women out there who are also looking for someone to keep them company. If you want to keep things casual for a while then keep in contact with a couple of women so you have someone you can get in touch with for a hook up until you decide that you’re ready for another relationship.

Dating Yourself3) Spend Some Time Dating YourselfWhen you’re feeling down one of the best ways to make yourself feel better is by spending some time alone. Use the time after a break up to focus on yourself and your needs. Let yourself feel sadness over the end of the relationship so it doesn’t follow you around then work on making yourself happy. Is there a hobby you like to do? Make no plans on the weekend and work on it.
Take the afternoon off and go see that movie you’ve been dying to watch. If you focus on just yourself you won’t feel the pressure to quickly get over your ex and rush into a new relationship, there’s more of a ‘go with the flow’ feeling. No one wants to date someone who’s still longing for their ex so this will help get you mentally and emotionally ready to get back in the dating game.

The downside to adult sex dating is the fact that eventually the relationship will end. After a breakup take some time to look after yourself and cure your broken heart by going out there, having sex without anything too serious and having fun.

Katy Benett