5 common lies every woman tells on her sex dating site profile

April 8, 2016 Posted in Adult Dating Guide by No Comments

women liesIf you use sex dating sites often then you know that it’s not uncommon to see profiles of perfect women. You know that some of the things they say are lies but it’s sometimes difficult to tell what is genuine. You want to think they’re being honest with you but think about your own profile. Have you fudged a few details? Yes? Well she probably has too. There are some lies that are more common than others though and there’s a good chance that you’ve seen some of these on the profiles of women you’ve been interested in.

1) They’re single
Most women will try to pass themselves off as single when they’re on hookup sites because they don’t want to put men off. They know men don’t want women who are going through a divorce or are looking to have an affair because there could be drama so they’ll list themselves as being single. If she avoids questions about her dating life or keeps putting off meeting then there’s a chance she’s involved with someone else and can’t be honest with you.

2) They’re fine with something casual
Sex dating sites are seen as a way to meet people and arrange hook ups but men and women see it in two different ways. Men tend to see the sites more of a way to find women for a hook up where as women will be more interested in meeting a man for a relationship. They know what men want so will lie and say they’re looking for the same thing while hoping that you like them enough to turn it into a relationship.

3) Their education
Women are usually taught from an early age that men don’t like smart women because they find it intimidating. This is the reason why many women will downplay their education or leave it vague. Instead of saying they graduated university with a Masters degree they might just say they graduated university or claim to have a lower degree like a Bachelors. They may also leave that part of the profile blank to avoid being judged.

4) Their job
There’s a common idea in society that men are the breadwinners and have a “better” job than women. It’s seen as unusual if a woman makes more money than a man or has a higher job title.
Women will usually say what type of job they have but won’t put their job title so that men think they’re nothing special. A woman who works as a manager at a store might only say that she works at a store and will let you think she’s just a salesperson.

sex dating sites5) How long they’ve been on the site
Women know that if they’ve been on a site for too long that men will wonder why they haven’t found someone yet. Some sites will say when a member joined but usually you can hide that information from your profile. A lot of women will keep their profile saying that they’ve just joined and when you ask the directly how long they’ve been on the site they’ll answer “Not long.” Read profiles carefully to see if there’s anything that gives you an idea of how long they’ve been there like mentions of a national holiday coming up or going to see a specific movie.

Katy Benett