5 Lies That Are Totally Fine To Say On Your First Date

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Social SexWhen you’re meeting someone for the first time in a social sex scenario it can be nervous and you might not know what to say. It’s inevitable, at some point during the conversation you’ll find yourself wondering if it’s okay to tell a lie. You’ll think about going for the truth but there are some lies that are okay to tell on your first date. You’re probably wondering what they are so let’s have a little social sex review on acceptable lies.

1) “You’re the first person I’ve met on … (whatever hook up site you used)
Even though she probably isn’t your first date from there it’s okay to tell her that it is. Deep down she knows it isn’t true but it’ll still make her feel special, like the two of you were meant to meet. This will make her want to make the date a great one and she’ll put more effort into it.

2) “Things are going good.”
Always say this when asked how your day is going. No one wants to hear you complaining about work or getting stuck in traffic. Keep the mood light and she’ll think you’re a calm, carefree guy that she wants to spend time with.

If the date goes great then she’ll likely want to see you again.

3) “Sure, that sounds like fun.”
If they suggest going to a movie you have no interest in seeing or a restaurant that you hate then just go with the flow. Pretend you like it and if you go out again try and be the one who suggests what to do that evening. If you don’t then you’ll just end up making them feel bad or remind them that you have different interests and might not get along.

First Date4) “You look great tonight”
Sometimes the person we think we’re meeting isn’t the person we get. Sending pictures is great but people always send ones where they look their best. First dates make everyone nervous because they want to make a good impression so maybe they put on a bit too much makeup or wearing an outfit they think is flattering but really isn’t. Give them a compliment and make them feel good about themselves. Remember that you’re on a date with them because you felt a connection and that doesn’t change because of one little thing.

5) “I’ve had a great time tonight.”
Even if the date was a disaster don’t say so out loud. Keep it to yourself and act like you had a good time anyways

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