5 reasons why milfs are better for getting laid

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milf getting laidWhen it comes to getting laid everyone has their preferences when it comes to who they choose for a partner. Some like women their own age, some like younger women and some like older women. When it comes to having sex however, older women might be better for getting laid. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider hooking up with a cougar.

1) They have more experience
The older you are the more time you have to have sex and find what’s fun and what isn’t. Cougars have had time to try different things like toys, positions and kinks. Instead of trying to be the typical man that takes charge in the bedroom let her take the lead. See what she likes to do and ask her if there’s anything she likes to do. She may just suggest something that you haven’t thought of or have been too scared to ask any of your previous lovers. If you’ve been seeing her for a while and want to try something new then ask her to teach you. It’s very sexy being able to how someone something new in the bedroom because it’s something special and she’ll want to share that with you.

2) They know what they want
With age comes experience and cougars have had enough time to find out what they like and what they want when it comes to having sex. They won’t be shy about telling you how to touch them and please them, showing you just what to do in order to drive them crazy. This not only give her pleasure during sex but may also teach you a few things that you can try with your next lover.

3) They’re less likely to want a relationship
Cougars have been in relationships before and know that rushing into them isn’t always the best thing. They’ll want to keep things casual and a onetime hook up or a fuck buddy will be more appealing to them. They also know that younger men like to play the field and won’t be hurt if you don’t call the next day. There’s an idea that when there’s an age difference involved then it probably won’t last long so she won’t be expecting anything more from you than a good time.

milf having sex4) They know what men like
Cougars have had time to learn what men like and won’t have that shyness that younger women have. When it comes to having sex they won’t waste time by giving you a bad blow job or trying dirty talk that fails.

They’ll know just how to touch you while saying things to make you even more turned on. You won’t have to gently tell her what to do, instead just let her do what she wants and she’ll show you just how good she is.

5) They’re more confident
You can usually tell how much experience someone has by the way the act. Cougars know their way around the bedroom where as younger women are still learning. Older women will wear lingerie that’s sexy without being trashy and won’t act embarrassed or shy about their bodies. There won’t be any hesitation that younger women tend to show when trying something new in the bedroom because they’ve done it before. Having sex is something that they know well and are more than capable of showing you a good time.

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