5 Tips to Have An Affair Using Hook Up Sites

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Hook Up SitesHook up sites are great for single people and those who are looking to have a discreet affair. It can be exciting and make you feel more upbeat, giving you a rush that you’ve been missing. The last thing you want to happen when you’re hooking up with someone is for your partner to find out. Follow the following tips to make sure that you can have a hot, sexy affair with one or multiple people and never get caught.


1) Sign Up Using A Credit Card Only You Have Access To
A lot people get caught having an affair by being careless with their credit cards or phones. The spouse sees the charges on the credit card bill and asks what they’re for and you get busted. Avoid this by using a credit card that only you have access to when signing up for hook up sites. This means that only you will get the credit card bill in the mail and can get rid of it without having to explain yourself.

2) Don’t Post Face Pictures
Post only pictures of yourself that are taken from the neck down or blur your face in order to avoid someone that you know finding you by accident.
Hook up sites are popular and you don’t know if any of your friends, co-workers or acquaintances are using them too. Keep the face pictures or private messages and only send them to someone that you feel confident about meeting. The less people that know what you look like the better because it only takes one person recognizing you and it could all be over.

3) Use A Throw Away Email
Use a secondary email address and don’t use your real name for it. This email is only to be used for signing up to hook up sites and for messaging people you’re interested in hooking up with. Make sure there’s no way to tie the email address back to you and always remember to log out then clear your browser history when using it and the hook up sites.

Hooking Up4) Only Hook Up With Other Married People
You might not care who you hook up with or you might be feeling tied down in your relationship and would like to meet someone young and carefree. Both of those could get you caught. If you stick to hooking up with other married people you have less of a chance at getting caught because they have something to lose too.
They’ll know how important it is to be discreet and they’ll be more understanding when you’re not always able to meet.

5) Always Meet At A Hotel
It may see more exciting meeting at your place when your partner is out of town but don’t do it. Plans may change or a neighbor might see you sneaking your date into the house. Always arrange to meet at a hotel that’s out of the way so you’re unlikely to run into anyone you know and never tell your date where you live. If things end badly between the two of you then they might show up at your house and tell your partner what’s been going on. They can’t do that if they can’t find you so try and keep your personal life separate from your online life.

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