6 Big Myths About Sex Dating Sites

April 30, 2016 Posted in Adult Dating Guide by No Comments

hookup sites that work in 2016Hookup sites are really popular but some people still avoid using them because of the things they’ve heard about them. Some of the stories are true but others are just plain wrong. Don’t let false information stop you from going online and joining a sex dating site because you’ll just end up missing out on the good stuff. If you want to have lots of fun on hookup sites that work in 2016 then ignore the myths you’ve heard and give online sex dating a try.

1) They’re full of scammers
Hookup sites have a reputation for being full of scammers and while every site does have some scammers on them, there are also lots of real people too. Reputable sex dating sites try to keep scammers off their site because they want to protect their reputation. Fake profiles get taken down fairly quickly once the site finds them and usually bans them from making another profile.

2) They’re a waste of time
Using sex dating sites isn’t a waste of time if you use it the right way. Don’t expect to make a profile and get tons of messages from people. You have to make sure that you upload quality pictures and that you message people that interest you. This only takes a few minutes but it’s worth it when you have a couple of people that are dying to meet you because you made an effort.

3) It’s wrong to meet people this way
There’s still a taboo about meeting your partner on a sex dating site but that’s going away as they become more popular. More and more couples are meeting online and people are becoming less judgmental when they hear about people meeting this way. People are more accepting of meeting partners online these days so you don’t need to feel worried or embarrassed.

4) It’s harder to meet someone
You might think going out to a club on a Friday night is an easier way to meet people than sitting at home and sending messages but you’re wrong. Sex dating sites allow you to only contact people that you’re interested in and lets you search for them based on different criteria that you choose. This gives you more control over who you meet which you wouldn’t have in a public place.

5) They’re full of weird people
There are all kinds of people in the world and yes, some of them are weird. This doesn’t change whether you meet them online or in person. There are also really great, normal people online just like there are at your local bar. Act like you would in a real life setting and remember that there are people just like you who are using these sites.

6) They cost too much money
Sex dating sites make people think of paying membership fees which can be expensive but they’re actually not that bad. A lot of sites offer free trials that you can use before deciding if you want to pay for a membership and they usually have different levels so you can choose how much you want to spend. You could also join a free site first to see if online dating really is for you before using a site with a membership free.

Katy Benett