7 Amazing Tantric Sex Tips: How to have tantric sex with your partner

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Tantric Sex Tantra is an Indian word that means a method of technique of doing something and it can also mean ‘woven together’ but most people think of it in terms of tantric sex. It’s a way that you and your partner can be together while experiencing your body alive in a whole new way.

1) Make your body alive

You’re going to be nervous about trying tantric sex for the first time and you’ll have everyday stress and thoughts cluttering your mind so before anything happens you need to release that pent up energy. You can do things like exercise, shake or jump up and down a few times to loosen up.

2) Get rid of all distractions

Tantric sex takes longer than regular sex because it’s about the overall experience and connecting with your partner. Set aside a couple of hours where you don’t have to do anything, turn off the TV and cell phones and make the bedroom presentable by lighting candles and getting rid of clutter.

3) Meditate together

You need to start by relaxing and focusing on yourself and your partner so meditation can help with this. Sit in front of your partner and spend some time quietly clearing your mind. Keep your eyes closed and concentrate on your breathing so that it’s slow and even. Push away any negative thoughts and fill yourself with a warm, positive feeling.

4) Look into each other’s eyes

Make an emotional connection by looking into each other’s eyes. It might feel awkward at first but don’t stop because it should be natural to look at your partner. Think about what you love about them and how good they make you feel. You can tell them what you’re thinking to let them know that they’re loved because this will make them feel even more positive towards you.

5) Become intimate

When you’re relaxed and ready to move on you can become more intimate by sitting in his lap while facing him. Let him hold you and touch you while you relax in his embrace. The two of you should concentrate on what you’re feeling and become in tune with each other by getting into a steady breathing rhythm.

6) Kiss

Take things further by kissing slowly and gently. you want the desire for each other to gradually build so take your time and pay attention to how soft his lips feel against yours. While doing this you can press your body against his or gently rock against him to get stimulation going between you.

7) Use all your senses

Light candles for smell, look at your partner for sight, listen to the sound of your gentle breathing and heartbeat for sound, focus on their lips while kissing for taste and feel their hands on your for touch.

Katy Benett