7 Awkward thoughts every introvert has before going on a blind date

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Introvert People Dating Introverts prefer being alone but that doesn’t mean they don’t date. They enjoy dating but struggle with the social aspects of it and can come across as being awkward. Everyone acts differently when it comes to dating but they all have similar thoughts before going on a blind date.

1) Will there be lots of people there?

Introverts don’t like crowded places because they prefer being alone and prefer going on dates that have quiet, intimate settings. They’re going to be wondering how many people will be there, regardless of where the date will be taking place. It’s natural to think about the worst case scenario so they’re going to get nervous and picture being in a loud, crowded room.

2) Maybe I shouldn’t go.

They’ll have second thoughts about going on the blind date and will constantly think about cancelling it. They’ll tell themselves it’s a bad idea and decide to cancel but then have doubts where they think it might be a good idea to take a risk. They’ll go back and forth for ages before finally deciding to follow through on the blind date.

3) Is it rude to just leave?

People imagine what a blind date will be like so they feel more prepared. An introvert will think of the worst thing possible and wonder how they’re going to deal with it. They will tell themselves they can leave at any time and they don’t have to stay for the full date but then will worry about being too rude.

4) What if I say something stupid?

They will think about whether or not they’ll say something stupid and make a fool of themselves. They might do things like rehearse conversation topics or decide to let the other person do most of the talking to avoid saying the wrong thing.

5) Is this outfit okay?

They’re going to worry about making a good first impression and will wonder if they’re outfit is right for the setting. They won’t want to stand out by wearing something too fancy or understated and will take time to carefully choose the perfect outfit. They might even do a test run to check out what the atmosphere is like so they can feel more confident about their choice.

6) I’m better off being alone

They’ll wonder if they’re better off being alone instead of going through the stress of dating. They’ll think about all the positive things that come with being single to prove to themselves that it’s better to be alone and the date is a bad idea.

7) How am I going to get through this?

Blind dates are always awkward because you don’t know what to expect and it’s even worse for people who are introverts because they don’t do well in these kinds of situations. They’re going to wonder how they’re going to make it through the date and will rely on coping techniques to stay calm.

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