7 Common Sexual Fetishes Of Men

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Fetish SiteMen have all kinds of sexual fantasies but some are more common than others. If you’re wondering what kind of sexual fetishes your man is thinking about here are seven of the most common ones.

1) Anal
Anal sex is one of the most taboo things in society. Why? because it’s seen as something that not many women are willing to do. It’s rare and naughty and that turns men on. People naturally tend to be curious about things that are considered forbidden and this makes them want it more.

2) Strap-On
A woman using a strap-on is a common fetish because a lot of guys know that the prostate can bring a lot of pleasure and it’s a societal belief that real men don’t take it up the ass. A lot of people believe that only gay men enjoy anal sex and it’s wrong if a straight man likes it too. This attitude helps fuel men’s desire for strap-on play. Men love the idea of a sexy strong woman bending them over and fucking them.

3) Feet
A lot of men find feet sexy. Some like to touch them while others like to lick, or smell them. Some men like the way women look while wearing a pair of heels. There are different reasons men like them but for the most part they find them sexy whether it’s because of the way they look, feel or smell.

Sexual Fetishes4) Leather and Latex
Leather and latex immediately make men think of wild, crazy sex and it gets them thinking about all kinds of naughty things. It hints at domination and kink without actually doing anything. Just the sight of them makes men start fantasizing and that is a powerful thing.

5) Pantyhose
Pantyhose are a sexy, feminine classy look that a lot of men like. They make women seem more demure which is a nice change since it’s not a look a lot of women bother with these days. It also makes men wonder just how much of her is covered since pantyhose comes in different styles. Their eyes go from her feet, up her legs and to the part they care most about.

6) Bondage
Men are seen as strong beings whose role is to look after women who are weaker.
The idea of having a woman helpless and at the mercy makes them feel this strength even more and they love playing around with the idea of tying a woman up so he can do whatever he wants with her. She’s giving herself to him and showing him just how much trust she really has in him.

7) Incest Role Plays
the first experience men have with the opposite sex is usually with family members like their mother or sister. They notice how they’re different and get curious. This helps fuel their fantasies and as they grow up they may still get turned on by old desires. Men love doing role plays with women who pretend to be their mother, sister or daughter. Sex with family members is taboo which adds a level of excitement and naughtiness to it plus there’s a feeling of dominance if the woman plays a younger role or a feeling of submission if the woman plays the mother.

Katy Benett