7 Reasons why people who wear glasses are more attractive and have more dates

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How to look sexyGlasses are seen as nerdy by some people but they’re surprisingly capable of having the opposite effect. They can make people notice you and find you more attractive which could result in you having more dates. If you need a new way of how to look sexy then consider wearing glasses. They can change the way people think of you and can give you a new appearance in a variety of ways.

1) They make you seem smarter
Glasses have a reputation for being worn by intelligent people and intelligence is something that people look for in a partner. No one wants to go out with some who’s stupid or can’t hold a conversation, they want someone who can keep up with them. They want someone who’s an equal. A pair of glasses is an easy way to look smart and to give an impression of being worldly.

2) They show off your personality
Glasses come in different shaped frames and colors. Choose a pair that show off your personality so people can get a feel for who you are. Are you outgoing and like to have fun? Choose frames in a color like blue or red. Are you serious or enjoy things like museums? Choose frames in a sophisticated black color. The type of glasses you wear can help people decide if you’re the kind of person they’d have something in common with.

3) They get you noticed
A lot of people who need to wear glasses choose to wear contacts instead because they either find it a hassle to wear glasses or because they don’t like how they look. If you wear glasses it draws people attention to you and is a small detail that makes you stand out from other people.

4) It shows confidence
There’s a stigma around glasses and there’s an idea that only nerds wear them. By wearing glasses you’re showing people that you have confidence in yourself and that you don’t care what other people think. You decide for yourself what you like and you aren’t swayed by fashion trends. Confidence is a very sexy quality that will attract people to you so carry it into other areas of your look as well and wear clothes that go along with this.

5) They show off your eyes
A lot of women wear mascara and eye shadow to draw attention to their eyes and by wearing glasses they’re framing their handiwork. Mascara and eye shadow is worn to make them appear more seductive and glasses are just one way to ensure that they can’t be missed. Frame-less glasses or glasses with a thin delicate frame are great for showing off your eyes.

6) They make you seem more serious
Glasses have a way of adding seriousness to a person and this will make you more attractive because people want to date someone who will take the relationship seriously. This adds to the general impression they have of you and make it a more positive one.

Look Smart7) They strengthen the connection people feel with you
Glasses draw attention to your eyes and this helps people maintain eye contact with you during a conversation. Instead of gazing over your shoulder they’ll feel compelled to look at you and you can use this to your advantage. Keep eye contact with them and smile as you talk so that you come across as friendly and sincere. These emotions will help people feel a connection with you more easily which could lead to them wanting to get to know you better.

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