7 Reasons You’re Not Getting Laid

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So this is your big day for a date and you might expect a little further in your relationship. But oops! Too bad, apparently you are not getting laid! Let’s go through some factors why you are rejected.getting laid1) You are not interesting

It is an obvious reason that you are not an interesting person. It sums up the whole thing as to why you are not getting laid tonight. There is got to be confidence somewhere inside you. If you lack of it, you lose your attractiveness.

2) You are not clean

Hygiene is not just a part of sanitation. You too, need to get cleaned before you want someone to be with you the whole night and kiss your pain away. If you don’t wear au de toilette, then bathing with soap and looking fresh will do just fine. Great sex starts because you smell good.

3) You don’t know how to build the chemistry

Chemistry is important. When you somehow click, you don’t need too much effort to build chemistry and probably a huge chance of getting laid. When your date shows that she is comfy talking to you then she lets her guard off and it is time for you to make a move.

4)You are not a gentleman

If you treat a lady like a crab, don’t wish for a great session in bed. In fact, you won’t be seeing her around next time. If you act like a jerk, no one wants to be around you.

5) You are a pervert

Even in your most devilish mind, you need to be nice to the ladies. Don’t say things that could make them think that you are just a douche bag with a pervert mind. That’s disgusting to them.

6) You don’t care about your date

If you want to play nice, you can start by asking what she likes. Give her attention and be thoughtful. Build a nice conversation and know more about her. If you do the opposite, the girl will think that you are not interested to her and just take an advantage of her.

7) You are not in a good condition

If your health is not good like you are having nausea or fever, don’t expect to get laid because no one wants to share your deadly virus. Wait for the right time when you are in your best health then you can perform your mission.

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