7 Signs that prove you’re more in love than she is

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healty relationships Healthy relationships are ones where both parties are in love with each other and see a future for themselves. However, many couples have relationship problems and one partner ends up being more in love than the other person. It can happen slowly so you might not even realize that this is happening to you.

1) You get in touch first

A woman in love wants to keep in touch and will send little texts to him to keep their connection strong. If she tends to only text or call you after you’ve gotten in touch first then there’s a good chance that she’s not overly in love with you. She doesn’t care if you’re thinking about her but you want to be the man she’s thinking of otherwise you wouldn’t make an effort to keep communication strong between the two of you.

2) You always do what she wants

Good relationships have balance in them and both people feel like equals when it comes to needs and wants. If you’re always doing things that she wants to do then it’s a one-sided relationship where she’s getting all of her needs met. you might not notice it at first but you’re being neglected because all your attention is going to her.

3) You find ways to spend more time with her

Someone who’s in love will want to spend as much time as they can with their partner, they want to build a life with them. If you’re finding different things for the two of you to do together while she’s happy to just go out now and again then it’s likely that you’re more invested in the relationship than she is.

4) You’re more open about the relationship

One of the ways to show your love is by introducing your partner to friends and family members and mentioning you’re in a relationship when it comes up in conversations with other people. If you like to bring her to family events but she doesn’t invite you to spend time with her family and friends it might be because she doesn’t see a future with you.

5) You ignore things

When you start ignoring things that would normally bother you because you want her to be happy but she doesn’t do the same with you then you love her too much. This could be things like her always showing up late or interrupting you when you’re speaking. You want things to go smoothly so you overlook it but she’ll get mad if you do the same thing to you and lets you know it by snapping at you.

6) You don’t look at anyone else

You might love her too much if you’re serious about committing yourself to her while she tries to keep her options open. There’s nothing wrong with commitment as long as both of you are serious about it but you might be in too deep if she’s flirting with other guys and still expects you to only have eyes for her.

7) You’re the only one who remember anniversaries

In troubled relationships anniversaries are overlooked because someone’s not in the mood to recognize it. You don’t have to remember every milestone but celebrating your anniversary is important because it shows that you care and that it’s important to you. If you’re the one who remembers it’s your anniversary and she doesn’t then you need to pay attention to why that is. If she’s busy with work or personal things then it might be okay but if it’s because she just doesn’t care then that says a lot about how she feels.

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