7 Signs you have a strong personality that intimidates others!

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People with strong personality There are several personality traits that are universally seen as intimidating and if you have any of them then it might make it harder for people to get close to you. Check out the following signs of a strong personality and think about whether or not you’re too dominant around other people.

1) You hate explaining stuff

If you’re the type of person who gets annoyed when they have to explain stuff to other people then you might need to check your ego. You get annoyed because you expect people to know the same things as you and you don’t understand why they can’t keep up with you. You need to realize that everyone has different abilities and that they might be knowledgeable in areas you aren’t.

2) You’re dominant in conversations

Someone who tends to have dominant personality types will take the lead in conversations and do most of the talking. You expect others to patiently listen to you and not interrupt or say anything until you’re done. It’s easy to pick this attitude up and people will let you do what you want because they feel like what they have to say isn’t important enough because they’re not as bold as you.

3) You confront other people’s mistakes

People find it intimidating when someone else always finds something wrong and points it out. It makes them feel like they’re not as good so think about how you deal with someone making a mistake. Do you ignore it or offer to help? Or do you roll your eyes, point it out and act like you wouldn’t have done that? If you do the latter than you’re probably making people feel bad without meaning to and need to change how you react to certain situations.

4) You always make plans

You might think you’re a natural at making plans for group gatherings and getting things organized but it might be that you’re too controlling and not letting anyone else take charge. Before you make plans and tell your friends what they are ask them what they’d like to do. Listen and don’t interrupt them because they might have a better idea than you.

5) You don’t make friends easily

Someone with a strong personality has difficulty making friends for two reasons: people are intimidated by them so they try to avoid them and they only want to be friends with people who don’t mind their dominant personality. If you struggle with making friend then think about how you act around people and if you’re doing anything that would make them feel like you’re a difficult person to be friends with.

6) You quickly make decisions

People who are dominant tend to know what they want and won’t waste time thinking about it. They make decisions quickly and follow through on them which can be tough for other people to deal with because it’s the opposite of how they do things. Even though you think the decision is an easy one to make you still need to make sure that everyone else involved is at the same level as you are.

7) You always insist you’re right

People with dominant personality types will interrupt someone who’s saying something they disagree with then spend ages explaining how they’re wrong and what the right way is. This rubs people the wrong way and they’ll avoid dealing with you because they know that you’ll never treat them as an equal.

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