7 Signs it´s time to break up with your partner

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It is Time to Break UpA lot of people try to make a relationship work even though it’s obvious that the time has come to break up with their partner. They want to keep things calm instead of having a huge fight on the scale of Heartbreak Ridge. Some relationships aren’t worth saving though and you need to know the signs of when it’s time to break up with your partner.

1) You avoid them
If you ignore their text messages or make plans with friends so you don’t have to spend the evening with your partner then it’s probably because you’re losing interest in them. Think about how long this has been going on for because if it’s been awhile then it’s unlikely to change.

2) You can’t be bothered to try
When you’re in love with someone you don’t mind doing things with them that you usually find boring because you know it will make them happy. If you’re at the point where you can be bothered to do things for them then it’s probably because you see no reason to.

3) They get on your nerves
Annoying habits like biting your fingernails or leaving clutter on the coffee table are easy to overlook if you’re happy or in love.These habits start to get on your nerves though if you’re feelings about your partner have changed and you’re no longer willing to let things slide.

4) You think about life without them
If you find yourself thinking about how great it would be to be single again or thinking about having a relationship with someone else then it’s obvious that you’re starting to see yourself without them. People tend to think about things that make them happy so if this is something you’re feeling when you think about life without your partner then it’s time to move on.

5) Your sex life is non-existent
Sexual desire is a big part of most relationships and even though passion fades over time there should still be some attraction to your partner. If you’re no longer interested in having sex with them then think about why such an important part of your relationship is gone and whether or not you can get the spark back. If you think it’s gone for good then it’s time to think about whether or not you’re still attracted to them in some other way and want to continue being with them.

6) You deliberately try to upset them
Do you find yourself deliberately trying to upset your partner by doing things you know they won’t like? This could be something small like not taking the garbage out or something big like cancelling plans with them. Doing this shows that you no longer respect your partner and are trying to show them that their feelings aren’t as important to you as they used to be.

7) You don’t make plans for the future
If you avoid making plans for the future then it’s probably because you either don’t think you’ll be together for that long or you don’t want to think of yourself spending time with them. If you find yourself putting off making plans with your partner then it’s time to decide once and for all if they’re the right person for you.

Katy Benett