7 Signs a Woman Isn’t Worth Your Time

November 10, 2016 Posted in Adult Dating Guide by No Comments

When she is name dropping There are lots of hot women out there and you could be with them instead of wasting your life with a woman who isn’t worth your time. Pay attention to how your girlfriend acts and see if she displays behavior like name dropping her exes or only caring about herself. If her negative qualities outweigh the good ones then she isn’t worth dating.

1) Name dropping other men

A woman who’s serious about a relationship won’t try to make her boyfriend jealous and will only talk about other men in a casual way. When she’s doing it all the time then it doesn’t matter if it’s her ex, male co-workers or friends.

2) Acts hot & cold

A woman that acts hot & cold around you is annoying after a while and you’re going to be stressed out by her because you’ll be constantly trying to figure out how she feels about you. She’ll act like she’s in love one minute then plays hard to get which leaves you working harder than you need to at getting her attention. If she doesn’t know what she wants then leave her alone and let her figure it out for herself.

3) Always busy

If she’s always busy and can’t spend time with you then you need to think about why that is. Does she have another man that you don’t know about or is it because she doesn’t have feelings for you and is only using you when she’s bored? There’s no point in dating her if she’s not willing to make time for you because the relationship will never become serious.

4) Focused on herself

A relationship has equality and things won’t last if she is always focused on herself. If date nights are all about what she wants to do and she never thinks about what would make you happy then she isn’t worth your time. She should care about your happiness and find ways to make sure that your needs are getting met too.

5) Always wants something from you

A real girlfriend doesn’t expect to be taken care of and is always asking you to do things for her. If every time she calls you is because she needs you to help her then she’s just using you and you’re putting up with it. Think about whether or not she ever does anything for you and if you’re acting more like her servant than her boyfriend.

6) Constantly complaining

Most people will overlook things if they’re not important but a woman who isn’t worth your time will have no problem complaining about everything you do. She’ll say things like you don’t give her enough attention, never take her to nice places or never listen to her. You’ll never be good enough for her and you don’t want to be with someone who can’t love you for the way that you are.

7) Makes you feel drained

Every relationship has its ups and downs but you should never feel drained all the time when you’re with your partner. If you dread spending time with her or put off answering her texts then it’s probably because deep down you know that she isn’t right for you. Listen to your emotions and avoid women who don’t make you feel happy because she’s not going to change.

Katy Benett