7 Things to Avoid doing for a First Date

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Make a Perfect First Date!

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First impression counts! If you don’t want your first date to be your last date, then you should avoid saying these things!

1. You remind me of my ex

Really? It’s a big turn off when you begin to compare your date with your ex. He may be similar to the one from your past but that should not be brought up on your first date. Unless, you really want the date to be over soon, then you should talk about how crap and sappy your love story from the past.

2. Do you like babies?

A man might want to be serious with you and yes they think of it, too. But that does not mean that you can discuss marriage and babies stuff on your first date. Your first date is the time when you both try to know each other better and shell out your personalities plus qualities.

3. Your pictures are prettier

It’s a mean thing to comment about how hot a person on the picture instead of in real life. Even when she is not the one you expected, you should not talk briefly about it in front of her. Who knows when you talk to her you get something interesting out of her?

4. Don’t share the bill!

You may not be his couple yet but it’s important to treat a woman and makes her feel like a queen. That includes paying your first date meals. A woman is not the one who picks up the bill so if he does this to you, then you can say firmly he is a big No.

5. I love you

As much as you want to say how much she makes you crazy, don’t say it out loud. You can say ‘I like you’ because it’s more polite. She might have the same behaviour or feeling towards you but let’s just keep the saying for the second or third date. You can read her gesture if she is on the same page. You don’t have to state it.

6. Would you stay?

This is not a hit and run relationship. If you want a long lasting romance, you need to keep your lust away in the drawer until you are completely sure.

7. Go away

When the date is late or the food is bad, still you need to appreciate what he has done for you.

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