7 things to avoid if you plan to get laid

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tips to get laidIf you think that getting laid is not a big deal then you should probably not in the relationship. The truth is that people want to take their relationship to the next level by getting laid. It is not a dirty thing because every couple want to make a great connection. If you think you deserve a special treat, here are some of the things you need to avoid if you plan to get laid.

1)Don’t hold your guard up

For girls, there is nothing wrong in wanting to get laid. But the best thing to do is to relax and think of anything other than sex itself. For men, it is important to keep her trust at bay because she will not do it with someone she does not feel comfortable with. 

2)Don’t tell the truth

Sex could come naturally. If your brain is filled with sex, then you will not be able to concentrate. This is why you need to build your confidence. As the conversation is made naturally and your chemistry with your partner increases, there won’t be any awkward moment. 

3)Don’t eat garlic

Yes you may not know if the date goes well or not. But you have to be prepared in case your partner kisses you. Do not eat onions or food that causes your breath stinks. It is important to stay fresh like eating gum or chewing mint candy before getting laid.

4)Don’t surrender without condom!

As much as you want him in your life, this is your first date so don’t ruin it without condom. You should have a safe sex for your own sake, ladies.

5)Don’t talk too much

Talking too much can turn off the passion. Really. If you want to have an intimate session, you need to talk closer to each other and know when it is time to shut up and kiss. 

6)Don’t force

A gentleman will not force his lady to do what he pleases. If you think she is not ready, then don’t force her or you will never get laid. It’s the real deal.

7)Don’t rush

When your first date succeeds, don’t rush of wanting to get laid. Maybe it is not tonight, but as she begins to put her trust in you, she will be open to the opportunity of getting laid. So, don’t rush!

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