7 Tips To Get To Women’s Sexual Fantasies

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Sexual Encounters
Sexual encounters are always fun but it can be difficult to get women to open up about their sexual fantasies. They feel embarrassed and are worried about being judged so it might take a bit of work from you before she feels comfortable enough to talk about them. Here are 7 tips that will help open the lines of communication.

1) Be playful
Try and sound playful when you bring up sexual fantasies because if you act too serious then she might feel like you’re judging her. Keep your tone light and smile as you ask “So why don’t you tell me one naughty little fantasy?” Remember to ask and not demand so she doesn’t feel like you’re forcing her to tell you.

2) Talk about your fantasies first
Women don’t want to hear about your past sexual activity but there are curious about what you want to try. Talk about your fantasies first so she has an idea of what she should share with you. She probably has quite a few fantasies and it will help her decide what to tell you if you set the tone.

3) Ask during a relaxing but sexy moment
A great time to ask about a woman’s fantasies is when she’s relaxed and just starting to get turned on. Bring it up when you’re in bed and making out; this way she’s all excited and there’s lots of time to make the fantasies a reality. Keep the mood going during this conversation by giving her little kisses and touches, the more turned on she is the more she’s thinking about sex and the less shy she’s going to be.

4) Show her you’re interested
It can be scary talking about what kind of sexual encounters you want for the first time and you need to show her that you’re interested in hearing it. Gently encourage her when she’s talking by saying things like “Mmmm, then what?” or “What else do you want me to do to you?”

5) Keep an open mind
Her fantasies might be completely different from yours so keep an open mind. If she suggests something that you’re not into don’t show it or make her feel bad about wanting it. That will make her shut off and you don’t want that to happen. If you really don’t want to do it then gloss over it by saying you’ll think about it and asking her what else she’s into.

6) Don’t act too eager
If you act too eager and keep pushing her to tell you more when she’s not ready to then she’ll feel uncomfortable. If she doesn’t want to talk anymore about her fantasies then change the subject. Tell her it’s fine if she doesn’t want to tell you and move on by either telling her another one of your fantasies and asking if it’s something she’d like to try or by continuing with sex.

7) Explore one of her fantasies
Put her fantasies ahead of yours and explore one of them first so she feels like you really do care about her desires. After she’s finished telling you about what she wants say something like “Do you want to try that tonight?” while running your hand over her body. This will show her that you’re enjoying this and that you really are okay with what she wants which will lead her to being more open with you.

Katy Benett