7 Tips to pick up a woman at the airport

June 2, 2017 Posted in Adult Dating Guide by No Comments

Meeting girls at the airport A good lover knows how to pick up women anywhere, even the airport. There’s not as many choices as there are on a hookup site like FBookHookups but it could mean more success because it’s easier to focus on one person and there’s lots of time to kill.

1) Laugh over the long lines

Airports are known for their long lines while waiting to check in so take advantage of them by starting a conversation with a sexy woman. You can break the ice by laughing at how annoying the wait is because this will make you seem like you have a sense of humor and it’s something both of you can relate to.

2) Dress nicely

People tend to dress in boring, simple clothes when they travel but that gives the wrong impression when you’re trying to pick up women. You want to come across as successful and confident to grab their attention.

3) Arrive early and mingle

You don’t want to be distracted when you’re flirting with someone so arrive early. This way you can take your time talking to them and can make plans for when to go out. If you’re rushed when you’re doing this then she’s going to feel like you’re not serious or that you have better things to do and she’ll be less likely to take things further.

4) Talk about travel

Everyone at their airport is going somewhere so ask them where they’re going. Talking about travel is fun and if they’re on the same flight as you then you can make plans to hook up once you’ve arrived. Talking about travel will make you seem adventurous and interesting which are qualities women like in a man.

5) Look for bridal parties

Destination weddings are becoming more popular so check out the women to see if anyone of them are celebrating because the bridesmaids will be in the mood for fun. If you see a group of women laughing and acting like they want to party then go over, introduce yourself and see who you like. Talk to her and see if you hit it off.

6) Fly during slow times

Weekends are busy times because this is when a lot of people travel which means there’s more crowds. People will be more stressed and won’t be in the mood to flirt. At the beginning and middle of the week it’s quieter so you’ll be able to focus on one person and spend time getting to know them without worrying about long lines and noisy crowds.

7) Seek out solo businesswomen

Look for a businesswoman flying by herself because she’ll be in the mood for a distraction from work. Make her think you’re a perfect lover by giving her all of your attention, acting confident and making it clear you want her. If she knows you’re alone too then she’ll be more likely to spend time with you.

Katy Benett