7 Tips on how to play hard to get with a girl

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Playing HardIf you want to get a girl interested in you and pique her curiosity then play games to make her wonder if you’re she’s reading the signals properly. Playing hard to get can add excitement and you can do it in person or on adult dating apps like Adultfriendfinder app.

1) Play games

You can play games with her to keep her guessing about whether you like her or if you’re just being friendly. This will get her attention and she’ll be dying to find out how you really feel. Show her you’re interested by lightly flirting but don’t ask her out until you’ve waited awhile because you want the excitement to build between the two of you.

2) Tease her

You can tease her as a way to flirt and let her know that you like her without being too direct about it. You can make jokes by saying that since both of you are single maybe you should give up and date each other. Laugh to show her that you’re not serious but this will put the idea in her head and she’s going to think about what it’s like to date you.

3) Let her call first

You don’t want to seem too eager so wait for her to make the first move. Women don’t want to seem too easy so she’ll be hoping that you call first but if she really likes you then she won’t wait too long. By letting her call first you’re keeping in control and coming off like you don’t mind whether or not she calls. This makes you seem cool and detached which is intriguing to women.

4) Avoid romantic gestures

Avoid romantic gestures like taking her to a nice restaurant if you’re going out as friends or if it’s the first date and don’t make a big deal out of events like her birthday or a promotion at work until you’re actually dating. These things will make your feelings for her obvious and you might lose a bit of the thrill that you got when you were playing hard to get.

5) Don’t tell her how you feel

It’s okay to drop hints about how you feel but you don’t want to tell her out loud how strongly you’re attracted to her. You want to give her just enough to get her interested and wanting more so keep things vague. Compliment her on how she looks or tell her that you find her funny but don’t say things like you’d love to spend more time with her.

6) Keep her interested

When you talk tell her a bit more about yourself so she can form a picture of you in her mind. Mention hobbies, interests, favorite movies or food so she can think about what it would be like to spend time with you.

7) Act single

She needs to know that you’re single so she’s more willing to pursue a relationship with you. You can keep on using adult dating apps like Fbookhookups if you want to look for other women in case things don’t work out but don’t tell her that. Whenever the topic of dating comes up mention that you’re single but not that you’re dying to meet someone because you don’t want to seem desperate.

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