7 Tips to start a friends with benefits relationship

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Friends with Benefits
What are friends with benefits? It’s a sexual relationship between two friends that aren’t dating. It can be a great way to have casual sex with someone that you get along with without needing to commit to an actual relationship. This can something that you find difficult to start so these tips may help you.

1) Choose someone single
A friends with benefits relationship is easier when you’re doing it with someone single instead of someone looking for a casual affair. Both people are in need of a sexual release and this can be a way to satisfy both of you without worrying about dating. Also if they’re single then you don’t have to worry about ruining their relationship by tempting them into an affair or upsetting their partner which increases the chances of this being just a fun little thing. If they were in the relationship then you’d have to deal with the tension of sneaking around which you don’t want.

2) Bring it up casually
When you’ve found a friend you’re interested in doing this with you need to ask them if they would be okay with it. This needs to be done casually so they don’t feel uncomfortable and gives the whole thing a fun, easy going feel. Bring it up gently by saying “Hey how open would you be with a friends with benefits thing with someone?” If they seem put off by the idea then you could always say that you heard someone at work talking about it and they’d never know it was something you wanted with them. If they seem interested then explore the idea further.

3) Make it clear things won’t get serious
You don’t want the other person taking things too seriously so make sure they understand things will only go as far as sex and emotional attachment is not part of this. The last thing you want to happen is for someone to get hurt when the relationship ends and your friendship ends up getting ruined as well.

4) Discuss comfort zones
Talking about what you and the other person are comfortable with before you do anything will help things go smoother. Find out what the other person is okay with doing and what happens if one of you finds someone they want to date. You don’t want to ruin a friendship because you took things to far or too seriously.

5) Don’t tell anyone else about it
It’s best to make sure you don’t tell anyone else about the arrangement you have with your friend. If you tell someone about it then you risk friends not understanding and having people spread rumors about you. This is especially true if you’re a woman and you don’t want people thinking you’re easy because then any future boyfriends might not take their relationship with you seriously.

6) Keep treating them like a friend
Sex can sometimes complicate things and change the way you feel about the other person. The whole point of a fuckbudy relationship is that it’s only about sex. Don’t develop romantic feelings for the other person and keep treating them like a friend to stop you or them from falling in love. Hang out like you usually and don’t start seeing each other more often unless it’s for sex.

7) Still date other people
Keep being open to the idea of dating other people to stop yourself from becoming too attached to your friend. They’re only there to give you casual sex and nothing more. If someone asks you out then go for it because an actual relationship that involves feelings as well as sex can be a healthy thing. You can still have the friends with benefits thing going on if you’re only casually dating someone or if they’re okay with an open relationship.

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