7 Ways couples can overcome infidelity

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Overcomming infidelity If you’re in a relationship that’s been broken because of infidelity there are ways to overcome it. It takes work and you need to be willing to stop using hookup sites as well as giving your partner time to deal with it.

1) Make an honest effort

You need to make an honest effort at moving past the infidelity and this means not giving up when things feel too difficult. You need to keep trying and only give up after trying different solutions to see which ones might work for you. Be honest when things don’t go right and don’t fake emotions because you think it’s what you need to do to fix things.

2) Admit there was infidelity

The person who cheated needs to admit that it happened and take responsibility for it otherwise the other person is going to feel resentment. You need to be honest about everything that happened so they don’t feel like you’re still hiding things from them and you can offer to show them your accounts on hookup sites like FbookHookups are closed so they know that you’re no longer using them.

3) Delete their contact information

You need to break off contact completely with the person you had the affair with and remove temptation of finding a new lover. Delete their contact information and close your account on hookup sites like AdultFriendFinder so it’s harder for you to cheat again. If they manage to contact you then ignore it, delete then tell your partner as a way to rebuild trust.

4) Re-commit to each other

You need to re-commit to each other and focus on fixing your relationship and moving forward so that the rest of your marriage can be happy. Spend time with each other and remember what made you fall in love in the first place. Recreate special dates to try and bring back romantic feelings and enjoy hobbies that you used to do as a couple.

5) Don’t force forgiveness

Forgiveness takes time and your partner may not be ready to forgive you when you feel like it’s time to move on with the marriage. You can’t force them to forgive you and you need to accept that instead of telling them that you’re sorry and they need to stop dragging things on. Their feelings are important and they need to experience all the emotions that come from infidelity so they can properly deal with them.

6) Don’t use infidelity as a weapon

It’s part of your problems but there are other issues that led to it and you can’t keep blaming your partner for it happening. Deal with each issue separately and don’t blame the infidelity as an easy way to place the blame.

7) Go to couples counseling

Professional help like going to couples counseling can take away the stress of dealing with things on your own. A therapist can give you space to talk about things in a calm, safe way so tempers don’t get in the way of moving forward. They can also give you ideas on how to move forward and help you see things from each others point of view.

Katy Benett