7 Ways to spot women who are gold diggers

September 26, 2017 Posted in Adult Dating Guide by No Comments

Gold Digger Woman When you’re using adult dating sites like Fbookhookups to meet women the last thing you want to do is end up with a gold digger. These women will take your money then move on to some other guy while you end up broke and alone so you need to know how to spot them.

1) Interest in your job and expenses

A gold digger needs to know how good your job is and whether or not you have expenses like an ex-wife or child support because she doesn’t want a guy who’s broke. She’ll ask about these things instead of getting to know you as a person because she doesn’t care what your hobbies or what makes you happy.

2) She acts like she’s better than everyone else

She’ll act like she’s better than everyone else because she thinks she can get anything she wants from a man while other women have to work for it. If you buy her something she’s sees as being inferior then she’ll let you know and will expect you to buy her something better next time instead of being happy and appreciative.

3) She likes expensive things

You’ll notice that she likes expensive things and will have designer label clothes and handbags but her job doesn’t have high enough wages for that type of lifestyle. This is because she hasn’t bought these herself and they were gifts from other guys that she’s dated.

4) She’s nicer when you buy her things

You’ll notice that she’s nicer when you buy her things because this is her way of conditioning you into spending money on her. She’ll act distant but friendly towards you until you give her a present then she’ll act like you’re the greatest guy in the world by telling you she loves you and giving you all of her attention. This makes you feel good and you’ll buy her more things.

5) She never pays her way

It’s normal for guys to pay for the first few dates but she’ll never pay her way no matter how long you’re dating. She knows you’ll pay for her and expects it so she doesn’t even offer to pay.

6) She wants marriage and kids immediately

Most people on adult dating sites like AdultFriendFinder want either a hookup or a relationship but a gold digger will be after marriage as soon as possible. Early in the relationship she’ll say she loves you and that you’re the one because she knows that if she marries you then she’s entitled to what you own. If she can’t convince you to marry her then she’ll have a baby as a way to get 18 years of child support payments from you.

7) She doesn’t want you spending money on unimportant things

She’ll complain when you spend money on things for yourself because she sees it as a waste. She doesn’t want you to buy video games or beer because that money could be spent on her instead so she’ll complain and tell you that you shouldn’t be buying them.

Katy Benett