7 Things you should know about dating in your thirties

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Dating in thirties Dating in your thirties can be a lot of fun if you use dating apps and sites to look for hot, young girls to meet. With age comes experience and you need to consider some things if you want to be successful.

1) Variety with dating apps

Dating apps like Adultfriendfinder are more popular and acceptable now than they were ten years ago which means there’s lots of women using them. You can narrow down your search to young girls or cougars as well as by relationship type or sexual interests. This will stop you from wasting time and only find girls who are good matches with you which means dating will be fun again because you’re more likely to hit it off.

2) They probably have kids

If you’re dating women around your age then she probably has children which is something you need to be okay with. If you don’t like children then you need to specifically look for women who say on their dating apps profiles that they don’t have or want children. If you don’t mind them you’re going to have more women to choose from because this is the right age frame to be parents and you won’t be narrowing down your search as much.

3) Things might move slower

People who have failed relationships tend to move slower because they don’t want to be hurt again. A hookup is easy to arrange because it’s just sex but a serious relationship takes more time. You’ll exchange lots of messages and might have to meet a few times before you’re comfortable enough to start dating. You’ll want to really get to know each other before making a commitment because you want to avoid making a mistake.

4) Casual relationships might be easier

Casual relationships might be easier because at this stage in your life people have been through divorces and might not be ready for a serious relationship. There’s a feeling of wanting to have fun while you’re still young and hookups are one way to do that. It also takes away the pressure of dating if you’re getting over a divorce because you know it’s just sex.

5) Act your age

You need to act your age instead of trying to relieve your twenties otherwise you’re going to come across as immature and desperate. Be honest about your age and interests instead of dressing in trendy clothes that won’t look good on you or listening to music that she knows you’re only pretending to like.

6) Priorities need to be understood

You need to understand your priorities as well theirs so there’s no problems. You need to know the type of relationship you want and the type of person you’re looking for so you don’t waste time on dates that go nowhere. There are more responsibilities in your thirties like having a career, children and a mortgage which affects the way you spend money on dates and when you can meet.

7) You need to let go of the past

No one wants to date someone who’s still pining for their ex or are still upset about a divorce so you need to let go of the past before you start dating again. Be upbeat and outgoing when you’re dating and avoid mentioning your ex so they know that you’re ready to move on. This will keep your new relationship positive and you can focus 100% on it.

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