8 Mistakes men make when seeking younger women

August 24, 2017 Posted in Adult Dating Guide by No Comments

Dating Younger WomenDating younger women is a common desire for men but sometimes they make mistakes when pursuing them. They brag too much about their life experience or act too controlling and this leads to them staying single.

1) Expecting women to want a silver fox

Men think that women want a silver fox and will try to date any woman that catches their eye. Not all women want that though so you need to get to know them before making your move to see if you have a chance. If they’re interested then ask them out but move on if you don’t feel an attraction.

2) Dating younger women constantly

Even young women want commitment and they’re less likely to go out with you if they think you’re only dating them because of their age and will dump them as soon as you meet another hot, young woman. You need to show them that you’re serious about dating them and that you’re able to commit if that’s what they want.

3) Acting too controlling

Older men are confident and this can come across as being controlling if you’re always telling her the right way to do something or making all the plans. Just because she’s young doesn’t mean she isn’t capable of figuring things so make decisions together and ask her for her opinion so she knows you respect her and see her as an equal.

4) Being too parental

You need to make sure that you don’t act parental because that will make her feel uncomfortable. Don’t tell her that you’ll have her home or early or remind her when your date is. You should also avoid doing things like ordering for her at restaurants, telling her to put her jacket on or asking her if she remembered to do something important.

5) Acting younger than what you are

She’s going to expect you to act your age because she knows from looking at you that you’re older than she is. If you try to act younger then you’re going to seem sad and desperate so embrace your age because this shows confidence. Don’t make a big deal of the age difference and use your personality to charm her.

6) Using money to impress

She wants a man that sees her as an equal and if you use money to impress her then she’s going to think you assume she’s a gold digger. That won’t make her feel good and she won’t go out with you again. You can offer to pay for her on the first few dates but don’t take her anywhere too expensive.

7) Going to inappropriate places

When you’re going out on a first date you need to avoid taking her somewhere inappropriate. Young women have certain ideas of where older people like to go and she’s going to be embarrassed if you take her out clubbing or bar hopping when it’s obviously someplace you normally wouldn’t go to.

8) Making it all about sex

You need to take things slow and get to know her so she doesn’t feel like a sex object. She knows you like her because she’s young and cute and that you want to sleep with her but she still wants to be romanced and feel like you’re attracted to the real her.

Katy Benett