8 Compelling Reasons why you should date a ‘bigger woman’

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Dating a Chubby Woman When men use adult hookup sites like FbookHookups to find someone to date they usually go after the hottest person they can find and never think to go after a chubby woman. You’re missing out if you’re one of these guys and you should seriously consider dating a bigger woman.

1) Less intimidating

You won’t have to wonder if you’re good looking enough to ask her out and you won’t be as nervous when approaching her. This confidence can help you make a better first impression which means you’re more likely to have success.

2) More realistic standards

Chubby women are used to being overlooked and have realistic expectations of what they want from a man. They don’t care about what you look like or how much money you have, they care about what your personality is like and whether or not you like them for who they are.

3) More relaxed dates

You’re not going to be going on dates where the woman acts superficial and uptight because she’s trying to be the perfect woman. Instead, dates will be more relaxed because she knows that you already like her and that her weight doesn’t bother you. This will break the ice and the two of you will get to know each other better because you’re not trying to be someone you’re not.

4) More independent

She’ll be more independent because she’s used to men being too shallow to date her so she knows how to take care of herself. The relationship will be based on equality and she won’t be constantly trying to get all of your attention because she has a life that doesn’t revolve around dating and you won’t feel as suffocated.

5) They like to have fun

A curvy woman knows how to have fun because she’s had time to accept herself and to get used to the way people act around her. It might still bother her but she won’t let it affect her too much because she knows she deserves a happy life. She’ll do things that are fun and you’ll never be bored with her because she doesn’t care what you or others think.

6) More to kiss and touch

Skinny women are all bones and flesh but chubby women have curves that make exploring their bodies a fun experience. Men like different features on a woman and being chubby enhances these features, especially her butt and breasts. Focus on the areas that turn you on the most to prolong foreplay and make the night last longer.

7) Hot sex

Men want sexy women when they’re on adult hookup sites like AdultFriendFinder but they should look for sexy women who are on the bigger side because they want sex just as much as skinny girls do but they don’t get it as often. She’s going to want sex and lots of it when you’re with her so you’ll never get bored.

8) Intelligent conversations

She’s going to try harder to make herself more attractive because she knows she isn’t the first choice for men and this leads to her being a more interesting person. She’ll pursue hobbies and will be more open to trying new things to see if they’ll work for her which means there’s lots of interesting and intelligent conversations you can have with her.

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