8 things women find very attractive in men

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If you want to be irresistibly sexy to women then you need to know what they find very attractive in men. Lean what they like and see if any changes can be made so you can be the man that they want.

1) Confidence
Women equate confidence with strength and that’s a very attractive quality in a man. There’s a fine line between confident and arrogant so be careful and avoid being too pushy. Show your confidence by walking tall, making eye contact and stating your opinion without being too forceful.

2) Ambition
Women love a man who’s ambitious and is always trying to become a better person. Talk about your goals whether it’s going to the gym more often or trying for a promotion at work. Show her that you care about your future and that you’re not a lazy person.

3) A sense of humor
A man who’s easy going and can have a good time is someone that women like to spend time with. She doesn’t want to be around someone who’s always miserable so keep the mood light and make her laugh. Stay away from joking about anything controversial so you don’t turn her off.

4) Fashion sense
You don’t have to go around wearing high end fashion in order to make women interested in you but you do need to make an effort to look nice. Avoid wearing baggy clothes or clothes that are faded or stained. Women love guys that are clean cut so make sure your trousers are a proper fit and your shirts look clean.

5) Thoughtfulness
A man that’s kind to others is very attractive so show thoughtfulness when you’re around women. It could be something small like holding a door open for someone else or pulling out her chair at the restaurant. It doesn’t matter what you, what matters is that she sees you care about other people.

6) Intelligence
A smart man is a sexy man so before going out on a date take a quick look at what’s in the news so you have a few topics you can talk about. Try and have a bit of knowledge about a few different topics because you don’t know what she’ll bring up on your date and you want to be able to keep up your end of the conversation.

7) Honesty
Honesty is the same as trust to most women and they want a man they can trust. Don’t lie and try to tell the truth so she can see that you’re someone she can give herself to emotionally. Women can usually tell when you’re lying so be honest even if you think it might hurt her feelings. There are ways of being honest without being mean so think before you speak. If she introduces you to one of her friends and asks what you think of them say that you enjoyed meeting them even if you didn’t. If she suggests going on a double date with them then say it’s a good idea but that you wouldn’t mind meeting some of her other friends.

8) Sex appeal
Looks aren’t the most important thing to women and they want to connect emotionally with a man before starting a sexual relationship with them but sex appeal still plays a role. Sex appeal is a mix of looks and personality so always make sure you give a good impression. Dress nicely, act confident and friendly while making the woman you’re interested in feels like she’s the only one you’re focused on.

Katy Benett