7 Tips for how to get a girl to sleep with you

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How to Getting Laid Getting laid is easy if you use adult hookup sites and know how to flirt in a way that makes her feel excited and sexy.

1) Use adult hookup sites

Adult hookup sites like Fbookhookups make it easy to find women because you can choose from numerous profiles and narrow your search to women who are just looking for sex instead of relationships. This stops you from wasting time and you know that you’ll be getting laid on the first date if you choose women that want the same thing as you.

2) Be a gentleman

Women are going to like you more if you act like a gentleman and you can use this to sweet talk them into sleeping with you because they won’t want the night to end. Be polite and respectful, open doors for them and offer to pay for them on dates because this makes a good impression and they’ll want to spend more time with you.

3) Dress attractively

You want to look attractive so she won’t be able to keep her hands off you. You want to dress with style so avoid jeans and t-shirts and go with clean, mature looking clothes that fit properly. This could be trousers with dress shirts as long as it doesn’t look like you’ve just come from work because you also want to keep a casual vibe.

4) Be good at conversation

You need to be good at conversation so she doesn’t think you’re boring and instead sees you as a fun, interesting guy. Before going on a date quickly read up on a few different topics so you’re prepared and can fill any awkward silences. Stay away from anything divisive like religion or politics and stick to things that would interest her like movies, books and art.

5) Give her attention

Women need to feel sexy and wanted before they can get in the mood for sex so give her positive attention. Smile, flirt and show her that you’re truly attracted to her by giving her little touches, complimenting her and asking her questions so you can get to know the real her.

6) Don’t make it about getting laid

If you’re meeting on adult hookup sites like AdultFriendFinder then make it clear before meeting that you want to keep things casual and if it’s a regular date don’t say anything until the end of the date when you ask her if she’d like to come in for coffee.

7) Be funny

Try to be funny because this will help her feel relaxed around you and make her feel good. Don’t plan any jokes beforehand because you want it to sound natural and offhanded comments can work just as well. Wait for the moment to feel right and make lighthearted comments about something embarrassing that you did, about the weather or something you just saw.

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