9 Gross things every couple has secretly done

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Things Couples do Every couple reaches a point where they’re so comfortable with each other that they do gross things without worrying about it. A woman bathing while her husband goes to the bathroom isn’t sexy and neither is him burping at the dinner table but they know that it doesn’t change how they feel about each other.

1) Burping

Burping is a natural thing to do but most people try to hide it or do it quietly so they don’t embarrass themselves. They stop worrying about that in a serious relationship because they know it’s not a big deal and won’t be a turn off for their partner.

2) Farting

Farting ruins the mood fast but when you’re in a comfortable stage in your relationship you’ll do it in front of your partner without thinking about it. You know they’ll probably laugh about it or get back at you later with one of their own farts.

3) Smell check

Before going out you’ll get used to doing things like asking them to smell you to see if you smell good and they’ll get you to smell their shirts to see if they can wear them a second time before throwing it in the laundry. It’s not something you’d ask an acquaintance to do but your partner won’t mind because it’s a small thing to do.

4) Face check

Every person has asked their partner at least once if they look okay and will have them check to see if there’s anything in their teeth or hanging from their nose. It’s gross but you do it because you know that they’ll tell you the truth and stop you from going out with something nasty on you.

5) Sharing a toothbrush

Sharing a toothbrush is gross and intimate because it’s put in your mouth which isn’t a clean place but some couples share toothbrushes anyway. They figure that they do more intimate things in the bedroom and sharing a toothbrush isn’t any grosser than that plus it’s convenient if they’re traveling and forgot to pack theirs.

6) Using the bathroom at the same time

This happens when they’ve been together for a long time because they’re used to seeing each other naked and this is a way to save time since no one has to wait to use the bathroom.

7) Checking out weird spots

People get weird spots and bumps as they get older and these can sometimes be in hard to see places. It’s easier to ask your partner to check them out than going to a doctor so they’re the ones that examine your body when you’re not feeling sexy.

8) Dealing with a messy period

A messy period can be a gross situation that needs to be dealt with because there’s a possibility of them happening every month. Her period might come early and stain the sheets or you might have sex while she has her period which can get very messy.

9) Dealing with the flu

Everyone is at their worst when they have the flu because there’s vomiting, diarrhea, sneezing and coughing. You love each other though and will take care of each other no matter how bad it gets and don’t mind any messes that are made.

Katy Benett