9 Signs you are dating an egomaniac

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Dating a EgomaniacAn egomaniac wants constant adulation and thinks they’re the most important person in the world. They do what they want and spend time taking selfies instead of trying to include you which makes dating them difficult.

1) They want constant adulation

They want you and others to compliment them often and will get upset when they feel like they’re not getting enough attention.

2) All their pictures are selfies

Egomaniacs love themselves and most of the pictures they take are selfies. A selfie puts all of the focus on them and that gives them an ego boost. You’ll notice that the pictures you take show you as a happy couple but most of the pictures they take show them having a good time alone.

3) They can’t handle criticism

They can’t handle criticism because they think they’re perfect and can do no wrong. If you disagree with them they’ll react badly or try to insult you back so you’re careful about what you say to them because you want to stay on their good side.

4) They’re always superior

Egomaniacs have an over-inflated sense of self-worth and will naturally act like they’re superior to everyone else. You’re going to be aware of everything you do wrong and will feel pressure to live up to their high standards because you don’t feel like an equal when you’re with them.

5) They fake being nice

They fake being nice to everyone, including you and you’ll get the feeling that everything they say and do is a lie. You’ll doubt if their feelings for you are sincere and convince yourself they love you by trying to ignore what they’re doing.

6) They’re concerned with their impression

They are about the impression they make on other people because they want to have high social standing. This means they’ll manipulate their image by acting better and going to nicer places than everyone else. They’ll also make you fit into their image by trying to make you dress or act in a way that they deem appropriate.

7) They only care about themselves

You’ll notice that it’s all about them and your wants and feelings go unnoticed. They can’t be bothered to think about you as a person because they see you as part of themselves so you’re going to feel like you’re not as good as they are. You’ll be unhappy because you’re the only one making an effort.

8) They don’t really know you

They’re so focused on themselves that they only give you a minimal amount of attention and end up not knowing the real you. They’ll forget about things that are important to you and you’ll have to remind them of things that you think they should already know.

9) They don’t help others

They don’t care about other people and will only help others if it makes them look good. If they won’t get any recognition or praise then they’ll do nothing and let the person fend for themselves. You’re going to see a difference in how they act towards you and other people and it won’t make you feel good because you know they’re not being caring or nice.

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