9 Things that make women feel super insecure – That men don’t even realize

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Insecure Woman
An insecure woman isn’t attractive and women know this so they hide what bothers them. Men know that women can be insecure about their body image but there are other issues like intelligence or emotional closeness that make them feel insecure as well.

1) Your emotional closeness to someone else

Deep down she knows you love her but she’s going to wonder why you can share something so personal with someone you’re not in a relationship with. When you’re with a woman that you’re close to it’s best if you try to include your partner as much as you can and be more willing to have meaningful conversations with her so she doesn’t feel excluded.

2) Their intelligence compared to yours

Girls are told from a young age that guys don’t like it when women are smarter than them and that they should be humble about their intelligence. This idea stays with them as they grow up and many women are embarrassed when they’re smarter than a man. They keep quiet when a man says something wrong because they don’t want to emasculate them or upset them and this makes them feel like they can’t be themselves. They’ll feel pressured to fit into a stereotype even if you’ve never made any remarks about her intelligence because it’s how society has conditioned them to act.

3) When their texts are ignored

Ignoring her messages
People are always on their phone and checking their messages so there’s a feeling that messages should be replied to in a fairly quick manner. She’s going to think you’re ignoring her if you wait too long to reply to one of her texts, especially if she sends it after a romantic night with you. You should never wait more than a day to reply because she’ll know you’ve seen it and haven’t bothered to get in touch with her. She’s going to think you’re losing interest in her because if you really loved her then you’d be dying to talk to her again and as soon as possible. A quick text saying “Hi.” is enough to let her know that you’re thinking of her and this will make her feel better.

4) When you talk too much about a female acquaintance

You might be just friends with a woman at work or have mutual friends but if you talk too much about her then you could be giving your girlfriend the wrong idea. She wants to know who you’re spending time with and what you’re doing but the things you tell her might be the wrong things. If you talk about how good looking she is then your girlfriend will feel insecure about her body image and think you’re trying to tell her that she needs to change in order to get more of your attention. You should stay focused on things like your friend’s personality and try not to spend too much time talking about her so your girlfriend knows you see her as just one of the group.

5) When you forget to introduce her

When you go to a party or social setting where it’s mainly people you know but your partner doesn’t then you need to remember to introduce her. Women tend to be more outgoing than men and she’s going to want to meet people who are important to you. If you don’t introduce her to your friends and expect her to do it herself then she’s going to think that you don’t want people to know you’re dating her or that you’re embarrassed by her. It might not be a big deal to you but she’s going to be spending the entire night wondering why you didn’t care enough to introduce her to everyone.

6) When you don’t act as a couple at parties

When you’re at a big party it’s easy to get separated from your partner and spend the night hanging out with other people. This is fine for part of the party but if you do this for all of it then your partner will feel forgotten. She wants to spend some time with you and do things as a couple, like talking to other people and having fun. When this doesn’t happen, she’s going to feel disappointed because the night didn’t happen like she thought it would and she’ll think it’s because you had more fun with your friends.

7) When you miss the details

Women notice and remember small details, it’s natural for them and they forget that men aren’t like that. She’s going to remember things like your favourite meal or restaurant, work projects and special moments between the two of you as well as noticing when you do things like get a new haircut or try a new cologne. She’s expects you to notice the same things for her and will feel unloved if you forget or don’t mention them. Her self-esteem will take a hit because she’s going to think you don’t care about things that she sees as being important.

8) When you fudge the truth

Not telling the truth
If you’ve known her for a long time then she’s going to know you better than you think she does. She’ll know when you’re lying or when you’re trying to avoid something. When you lie to her or fudge the truth then she’ll pick up on it and start to wonder what else you’re hiding from her. She’ll think of worst case scenarios which might make the situation worse so you need to tell her truth otherwise she won’t trust you. She’ll mentally question everything you tell her and won’t be sure of anything which is going to make her feel insecure and uncomfortable around you.

9) When you watch porn

Watching Porn
Even though it’s irrational and women watch porn just as much as men do, they still struggle with insecurity when they know their man watches it while in a relationship. They know how sexy women are in porn and they struggle with their body image because they think they’re not good enough to make you happy. They see it as a form of cheating because if you were truly attracted to them then you wouldn’t need to watch porn. She’s going to wonder what she can do to make you more interested in her and feel like she can’t live up to the unrealistic standards that have been set by porn.

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