The best places to have public sex and not get caught

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Public SexPeople having sex in public is something that is seen as naughty and is whispered about with giggles. It’s a fun way to have sex plus it can spice things up a bit if you’re in a stale relationship. If you’re going to have public sex then it can be difficult to figure out where to do it or you might be scared of getting caught. If you choose the right place and the right time then you can have a hot sex session with someone.

If you’re with your partner then surprise them with an unexpected stop. The car is a great place to have sex in, especially on a warm summer night. Find an empty parking lot then decide if you want to stay in the front seat or slip into the back seat. With staying up front you can have your partner lean forward and give you a hot blow job or climb onto your lap and fuck you. This will also give you a better chance of getting a warning if someone comes by since you’ll see the headlights coming closer. If you take things to the back you’ll have more room to get naked and have sex but run the risk of not knowing you have company.

People Having Xex in PublicA park could be a romantic way to lead into public sex. In the evening the two of you could go for a walk in the park just before sunset with a blanket and a bottle of wine. Find a small grassy area away from any bike or walking paths and lay out the blanket before sharing the wine. Start with small kisses and touches then slowly let the excitement build before easing into sex. If you’re at a club and meet someone you like but not enough to go out on a date with then a public washroom is a convenient place to have public sex. It will be naughty and quick because a bathroom is always busy at clubs and bars so it’s just a matter of time before someone will want it. The noise coming from outside will be a constant reminder of where you are and will add to the excitement. Remember to lock the door behind you so no one accidentally comes in while you’re busy. Bend her over the sink and watch yourself in the mirror while you take her from behind. A gym is another great place to meet someone and engage in public sex. It’s best to go when you know it won’t be too busy like late at night so you’ll have more privacy. Don’t be shy and flirt with someone that catches your eye.

If they seem interested in you then keep hitting on them but make it more sexual. Don’t be too graphic and keep it light enough that she gets turned on. When things are getting more heated up between the two of you, your heart rate is up and you’re all sweaty suggest taking things into the locker room. You can have sex on one of the benches or take things into the showers. You’ll be able to hear someone coming in the locker room and the shower is a great way to cool down afterwards.

Public sex can be a great way to add excitement to your relationship or to have a hot hook up with someone you’ve just met. Choose a time when there’ not many people around and pick a place that’s likely to give you some privacy. If you have some spare time then go for a drive around your neighborhood and see if there are any places that would be a good spot for you to use. Keep a mental list of those areas and take your partner there the next time you want to try something different.

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