The best tips to make her laugh

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Make Horny Women laugh
A good sense of humor is something that every woman looks for in a man. You want to come across as a fun, witty guy who has a positive outlook on life so try using little jokes and funny comments in your everyday life. This will add a positive mood to your relationship and help things to go smoothly.

The last thing you want to do when you’re about to hook up with horny women is to ruin things by offending them. You want to make your date think you understand her and want to show her a good time. Pay attention to the things she says and does so you can get a feel for what her boundaries are. A good way to gauge her sense of humor is to find out what types of movies and TV shows she likes to watch. Does she like family friendly type of stuff? then it’s best to stick to playful remarks. If she likes edgier stuff than you can be a bit more raunchy. If you tailor your remarks and jokes to her sense of humor than she’s likely to laugh every time you make a joke because it’s on her level.

Don’t force laughter by making jokes at inappropriate times. You want to sound natural when you’re telling the joke instead of sounding like you’re trying to impress her so wait until the right moment to say something funny. This could be when you accidentally trip or you see something amusing happen to somebody else. Make sure you never say anything mean or too harsh though; you don’t want her to think you’re a jerk. It doesn’t have to always be something that’s too laughable; it could just be a simple observation. Maybe you see an animal do something funny and you point it out to her with a casual comment.

You also want to use the right tone and attitude when trying to make her laugh. You want to sound laid back and like the words had just come to you instead of sounding like you’ve been rehearsing it at home. You want to keep your tone of voice light and change your tone up when you’re hitting the punch line. Making her laugh doesn’t always involve saying something, it could also be a reaction. When you’re telling her a funny story enhance it by making a couple of different facial expressions to get your point across and show her that you find it funny and want her to feel the same way.

Gestures can be a silent way to make someone laugh as long as you know what she’s comfortable with. Does she enjoy being held when you’re snuggled up on the couch? When the two of you are in a flirty mood you could say something cute and tease her while giving her a little tickle. Once things are loose and fun between the two of you, you can take things further and become a bit more aggressive to see if it leads to sex.

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