The best tips to pick up a woman at a party

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How to get a girlfriendIf you’re the type of guy who’s always wondering how to get a girlfriend because you seem to be single all the time then consider going to a party. Picking up girls at these events isn’t much different than picking them up at any other type of social setting like a bar or club so don’t turn down any invitations. You never know who you’ll meet there and you could end up going home with someone great.

Parties are all about having fun so don’t be afraid to go up to someone you’re interested in and start a conversation. Introduce yourself and tell her who invited you so she has an idea of who you are. Play it safe because you don’t know if she’s there with her boyfriend or not so keep the mood light and be polite. Ask her if she’s here with someone and once you know she’s single start making it clear that you like her. Get to know her better and smile as you talk to her while keeping eye contact. Show her that your focus is on her and give her a compliment like “I’m glad I met you.” or “You’re a lot more interesting than some of the other people here.” Don’t compare her to other girls and keep it neutral by saying people so it doesn’t sound like you’re only interested in getting laid.

It’s normal at a party to mingle so don’t talk to her all night long. She might want to talk to other people too so give yourself a time limit with her. Talk to her long enough for the two of you to get a feel for each other and whether or not things could go further. When you feel like the conversation is naturally ending then let her know you want more from her but at a later time. Don’t say something like “Maybe we can have our own private party later.” It sounds cheesy and she’s not going to be impressed with it. Instead keep it classy by saying you hope to see her later then go off and talk to other people.

Discreetly keep your eye on her as the night goes on but make sure she doesn’t notice because you don’t want to seem creepy. If the two of you do make eye contact then give her a smile then casually look around the room. This will make it seem like you were just checking out the party and not spying on her. Later on if you see her by herself then go back to her to make your final move. Grab her a drink before you go to her and use it as your opening by handing it to her and saying “I thought you could use this.” It will make you look thoughtful and she’ll appreciate you making an effort. Tell her that you’re thinking of calling it a night soon and ask if she had any other plans. Listen to what she says because if she wants to go home with you then she’ll make it obvious. Finish your drinks and give her time to say be to her friends so she doesn’t feel like you’re rushing things.

Picking up girls at a party is easy if you make the first move and show them that you’re interested. When someone catches your attention go up to them and start a conversation instead of waiting for them to notice you. Spend some time with them then back off so they don’t feel pressured by you. Have fun at the party so you look sociable then go back to her and see if she wants to take things further with you. If you do it right then she might go home with you or at the very least exchange contact information.

Katy Benett