The best tips to seduce a married woman sexually

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How to Seduce a Married Woman A lot of attractive women have already been snatched up and are married but that doesn’t mean they’re off limits to you. Some of them are bored with their partner or their sex life is starting to die down and they’re looking for someone to bring excitement back into their life. You need to know how to seduce a married woman if you want to open up your options when it comes to having a hot hookup.

The best thing about married women is that they’re not looking for a relationship. They want to feel attractive and they want to have hot sex with a man who appreciates her. Flattery will work with every woman as long as it sounds natural and not like you’re only saying it because you want to have sex with her. Make a good first impression by giving her a compliment without hinting at sex. This will make her feel good about herself and give her a reason to want to get to know you better.

Don’t take things straight to the bedroom, instead spend some time with her and show her a good time. It needs to be fun and something that she no longer gets from her husband while also making sure it’s nowhere that she can be caught cheating. A home cooked meal at your place will put her in the right mood plus it will give you time to show her what a great person you are as you talk over dinner. Married women will want a man who is actually interested in them as a person so find out about her interests and hobbies. Stay focused on her and keep eye contact so she feels a connection with you. Touch her hand or stroke her with your fingertips to get her thinking about getting closer to you.

Husbands take their wives for granted and romance fades once they’ve been married long enough. This means that married women are desperate for a man who can touch and re-awaken their erogenous zones. Take your time when you first get to be intimate with her because you want to make her enjoy it so much that she wants to see you again. Kiss and touch her most sensitive areas like her neck, lips, breasts and inner thighs. This will turn her on and she’ll be dying to have sex with you.

Sex drives usually slow down the longer you’re with someone and sex becomes routine. A married woman will be craving excitement in the bedroom and that is one of the main reasons why she will cheat on her husband. Give her some hot sex that will leave her wanting more of you. Don’t rush things and explore her body to find out what she enjoys. Make sure to give her the attention she needs and that she cums first because you want to be the lover she’s been dreaming of.

If you only go after single women then you’re missing out on a whole group of women who are wanting a man like you. Learn how to seduce a married woman and you’ll see how easy it can be to have a sexy, horny woman that isn’t looking for a relationship. You’ll have a lot more fun with a woman who knows that casual sex is the way to go.

Katy Benett